Feb, 15
Working on the web: Rankings, daily events, the database, the dashboard


Hey Racers!

The Code Team is working hard to stabilize the client and fix all the bugs and crash reports you're sending us, this is the main focus now and we're releasing frequent patches to keep you always updated with the latest client's build.

Meanwhile ther Web Team is working on the website, what you see now online is just the tip of the iceberg of what we want to offer you.

Here's what we're working on now:


Online Rankings

Rankings are coming and they are better than ever: better organized, improved, there's new rankings and also we're introducing time frames filters (today, las week, last month, all time).

Expect Rankings to come online by the end of this week.


The Database

We already have a driver sheet for each racer in the game, for example here's mine. We're creating a "database" section where to show the complete drivers list, linked to the single drivers sheets, organized by level, country, etc.

Also, we're including a Car List, that will list all the cars created in the game, linked to brand new online Car Sheets where you will check out the car design, attributes and statistics. It will be possible to comment and vote a car, so start to create some really amazing cars and be ready to be featured on the homepage :D

We'll also add to each driver sheet his records, his cars, etc.


Daily Events

The web will host automatic daily events with various prizes, be ready!


The Dashboard

We're creating a super cool new dashboard homepage for the logged in users: you will be able to check all your statistics, latest news and events, major RA news from the racing tracks and more!


We'll realease all this new features on the web during the coming weeks: we want this website to become an important compendium to the game.


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