Jan, 19
Welcome to Victory Beta 1

Victory: The Age of Racing is now self published by Vae Victis, you can read the official press release here. As a result of this, we're very proud to announce the start of the new Victory Beta 1 on Victorythegame.com!

The Beta 1 is the first of the three different steps we'll encounter together: we as the developer and publisher and you as our beta testers and players.

Everybody can register and join the beta, starting today. No beta code is needed, we just need you to be help us testing the game by downloading, installing and... playing it!

The Beta 1 will give you the latest and greatest version of Victory, we already deployed Patch 8, that contains huge improvements: The Pro Class, the Matchmaking system, the Achievements system, the new Handicap Game Mode, dedicated servers and much, much more! find out the complete Victory Beta - Patch 8: What's New here.

So wait no more: register nowdownload the latest installer, play and contribute on the brand new official forums!

We also launched a new Facebook Fan Page and a Google+ Fan Page for Victory. You can also follow Vae Victis official Twitter for all the latest news.

After the Gamersfirst's Victory Closed Beta, we are now so proud to start this new phase of the Victory development: Victory Beta 1, with a new version of the game that offers dozens of new features and fixes:

Victory Beta 1 - What's New

Victory Beta 1 is now open to everyone, you can registerdownload and play for free!

Prepare for Victory!



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