Oct, 16
Victory SP12/Beta 4 is coming tomorrow!

Gentlemen, prepare your engines! As previously announced in the development updates forum we're working hard on the next big thing for Victory: Service Pack 12 / Beta 4.

Finally the time has come to release this huge service pack: we'll release it to our update servers tomorrow afternoon ( Thursday, october 17st, GMT).

The game servers will be kept down for tomorrow's morning time (GMT) as we have to reset some data (World Records, etc.) and be sure that the new version on the game works properly on the live servers.

After that, we'll open up again Victory in the afternoon: We don't have an exat ETA, just start checking up after 14:00 GMT.

Beta 4 is a real revolution for Victory: we changed lots of things thanks to your feedbacks, by watching you play and by checking our live stats of the game.

We think that the new version of the game is way more intuiitive, offers you more things to do, and at the end, is way more fun to play.


Check out our previously posted articles about Beta 4 on the Development Updates forum:

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