Mar, 19
Patch 8.5: New Social Bar, Top Bar and New HUD!

The new Patch 8.5 is now available for everyone: launch Victory to update it!


The New Social Bar

We're working on an improved GUI since the closed beta and the "Social Bar" is the result of our efforts to bring to the game a more streamlined and easy to use social experience.


What we call the "Social Bar" is a new bottom bar always present in the game that contains all the useful informations and tools you can use to interact with other players online:


Race Chat

Active only during a race, the Race Chat allows you to chat with other race drivers, you can open/close it by pressing the "C" key and chat by pressing the "Enter" key or clicking into the chat input. All the new chats are now more clear and you can click on a player name to lauch a new whisper chat with him.

Race Log

The brand new Race Log hosts all the race messages and events, so you can always check what happened during the last race, very useful in certain situations!

Last Played With...

Wandering what's the name of that racer just destroyed you during the last race? wonder no more! open the new "Last Played With..." panel and check the last 25 players you played with, you can whisper them, add them as friend or invite them to your new race!

Public Chat

You can chat with all the online players in the public chat, to request help or just set up a new race server or event!


Race invites and Friend Requests are now always a click away thanks to the new Invites Panel.


New whisper chats will open up in the social bar, so its now easier to reply and chat with your friends privately.

Friends List

The new Friends List is way easier to use: you can seach your friends, order them by name, level or status and even filter them by level stacks. Check who of your friend is online and invite him to your race!
Even when it's close the Friend Lists shows you how many of your friends is online and how many friends you have.

Drivers List

With the new Drivers List you can search for every racer in the game, request friendship, order, filter, invite them to your race and more!

Status Panel

Don't want to be bothered by other players? set yourself as invisible with the Status panel.

The New Top Bar

Together with the new Social Bar we're releasing today the new "Top Bar", also always present in the game, shows you all the basic information about your driver: your country, level and nickname on the left and your Race Experience (Rx), Gears Credits (GC) and Victis (V$) on the right.
Also, a new cyan bar shows you your experience progression visually, so you can always know what's your advancement in the current level.

The New Racing HUD

The game HUD (Head-up display) has been completely redesigned to better visualize all the race and car information: now more streamlined and with a new minimal look that leaves more space to the action.
Together with the new Social Bar and Top Bar, we think that the new Racing HUD offers a better game experience: we're using this new interface internally since weeks and we really can't wait to ear what you think of it, so head to the beta forum or reply here with your thoughts!
P.S. yeah, we're testing 8 players cap internally, but it's still too soon, so don't ask ;)

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