May, 15
Patch 0.09.903: Torrent support & Hotlap Championships


Today we're releasing our latest update for Victory: The Age of Racing. The 0.09.903 patch adresses lots of minor bugs in the game and introduces a brand new game launcher/updater and a new type of event: Hotlap Championship.


New Launcher / Updater

The brand new Victory game installer / launcher / updater introduces support for the BitTorrent protocol during the game download and updates.

Game downloads will be faster and more reliable with the support of dedicated seed boxes and CDNs and the chance share the download bandwidth between the different online users.

Update: some users are reporting problems with the new installer: Please remember to launch the installer as an Administrator if you're on Windows 8, this solves the problem. We're investigating now error reports to help you guys. Contact our Support if problems persist.




Hotlap Championship

The new update introduces a new type of event: Hotlap Championship. HLC is a structured event where players races for the best lap time on one or more tracks, using a dedicated car supplied by the game.

All the drivers will use the same dedicated car and will then have the same car performances during the event.

HLC winners (top 10 usually, but this varies) will then receive different kind of prizes, including the car used during the event and / or prizes supplied by our sponsors.

The first HLC will start soon, check out our news and our Facebook Page to be always updated on our events and initiatives.



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