Feb, 13
New Legend Deluxe Cup and Game Fixes

Legend Deluxe Cup

A new exclusive HotLap Championship reserved to the Legend Deluxe racing car owners just started. You can have the three available Deluxe cars with the Deluxe pack of Victory or, if you bought the basic pack, you can buy the Deluxe DLC to be admitted to this Deluxe Cups. 

You can check out Championship rankings online in real time here: 




Game Fixes

We released a game fix addressing most of the startup crashes some of the players are experiencing. We're still working on your game logs guys, if you have problems remember to send the crash report and if the crash reporter is not showing up please refer to this guide to send us your logs: 


We're going to patch the game as much and as frequently as possible, we remember you that this game is still in Early Access, we have a long way ahead, with new features, bugs, contents and feedback from you ;) 

The new Steam client is going well, we expected more problems, but only few players are experiencing serious bugs. Rest assured that we'll work hard to allow everyone to play. 

If you like Victory and what we're doing, please leave a review for the game here on Steam: they're very important for us in this first week after the Early Access started ;) 



New Forums

The old forums has been closed down: If you want more information about the game or need help for anything please go to our brand new discussion forums here on Steam: 



Thanks for your help, your support and your patience guys!

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