Mar, 5
Check all the drivers and cars of Victory on The Racing Authority Registry

All the cars and drivers created in Victory are now online on the official website, inside the Racing Authority Registry.

Check all the drivers and their stats in the Driver Registry! vote the best looking cars in the Car Registry, find the fastest drivers and check their best car's attributes!

Now the Official Rankings and The Registry are completely integrated: click on a driver name on a ranking to see his driver sheet, then check his cars and records in the registry.

Remember to vote the best looking cars in the Car Registry: we're now creating a showcase of awesome looking cars! The car customization in Victory is being used heavily and we want to show you how incredible looking some cars are!

Check out the new Driver page on the official website: now you can see every driver's car list and records.

The Car Sheet now shows you the statistics and attributes of each car in the game, also, it's now possible to vote the best looking cars and share them on social networks.

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