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FPS droop

Since last update, my game suffering from serious loss of frames. It starts with~60 fps, but very soon it droop and after few laps it comes to ~10FPS. In  that condition is impossible to play. PRO cars are most affected with this bug.

One of the cause is the live position of the racer in the race. When you are side by side with an other racer where you see your position you move from 1 to 2 .... make everyone lag.

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NOP. This happen in hotlap as well.

It happens to me especially with any of the 3 cockpit view and PRO cars. Recerco did you try with the view from behind and see if there is any difference?


You are right. Just try it and external view hold up ~60 fps all the time. Switching on T-cam or cockpit view just destroy fps after 5 laps.

usk esrb_rp

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