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Error while updating the game. tried many times.


its been 2 days since i downloaded the game and i am upset. i dont know what it is like. it always gives a NSIS error in the middle of the update i tried everything in this forum clear cache reinstall etc and i tried it 5-10 times.. i downloaded it from this site, why do you have an old version in downloads section? just put the newest so we wont have to do patches again and again after dling the game. or just put a manual patch download here we can download and execute it.

its updating to 9.750 now i wonder whats the up to date version now.. 9.990?

Hi RoyalHunt and welcome to the forum.

Other people had these kind of problems in the past and they solved it by following the instructions here http://victorythegame.com/support/technical-support-faq (point 2).

Anyway the latest version of the game is 9.750, so once you've completed that update you'll be able to play. But first follow the steps linked above. If you still have trouble installing the game, let us know here so that we can help you through it.

as i said in my post ive tried everything described in faq. still the same error half of the patch it says integrity check is failed. NSIS error. i need  the manual patches for 9.746

Ok, I wasn't sure you actually cleaned the registry using CCleaner. Ok, then maybe the problems lies elsewhere. You say you got a NSIS error. What OS are you using? Is there any other information your system gives you reletad to the error that you didn't write here (like number of the error and stuff like that)?

yes i had ccleaner already installed on my pc so i just ran the registry cleaner. i am using win7 64 bit. i dont have any other error message apart from the NSIS.  

The NSIS error is a nasty one. There could be many reasons why it pops up. Have you already tried this? http://victorythegame.com/comment/3747#comment-3747

i didnt. because it seemed to me like its for the install file. just a few updates i am missing. i dont have problem with the installing of the game. i have the game installed on my pc right now. i click the shortcut on desktop and the patching process always gets interrupted by NSIS error. if it has something to do with already installed game then i can give it a go.

Yes, I understood that but maybe a fresh installation following that procedure could work. As I told you it's not easy to find the root of the problem so we have to try every option.

Do you have the possibility to install Victory on a different drive? Anyway let's see if the devs will upload the latest installer so you won't need to make the update at all, at least for the moment.

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