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Car32. I start to play the game. And for days it is offline. Download 3 times and steel offline. Need help i am having the hard time. Thanks

What do you mean it is offline? The game servers have always been on lately. Can you explain excactly where you're getting stuck?

Yes victory dasktop icon is blank. The victory page loads up then is saids offline.

So you don't even get to the login screen? Have you checked if your firewall is blocking Victory.exe?

LET me ck my fire wall. the victory logpage works. And comes up but it saids it is offline. bb in a few. let me ck some stuff on my pc.

Every time i download the game the the red victory icon is missing.  I get a blank icon. I have Pavilion g7-2010nr. Windows 7.

Please go to Start -> Control Panel -> System & Security -> Windows Firewall. On the left you see the option "Enable/disable Firewall". Try disabling it temorary just to see if you still have problems lunching the game.


Have i been block from the game. Can you see and tell me.

Hello Car32,

I checked in the databases and your user is active, so that's not the reason.

The info you gave us, both in this thread and the private message, are a bit confused: let's try to understand what's the problem, step by step.

The first idea that came me in mind, as already suggested by Capabomba, is that a firewall or antivirus is blocking you: did you check if you have active ones and have you disabled them?


Alessandra Pollini - QA

I the firewall did not work. But i have a viurs. A pc guy say that it was disconnting my apps. So maybe it did somethine to my pc.I had it wipe clean. But stell cant logon!!!


I will kept working on it and let you know how it is going. I did get my my victory icon back. The viurs made icons blank. But victory icon is back. In my pc i found victory was run by godady.com is this true.

yes it's true thats the registrar. You'r are on the good way.

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