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tonights at 00:30 AM friday  I wanna play Victory the loader if got Gameupdate i was waiting 1-5minutes and than i was acces to login was worked in lobby server I see 0 player in all room so i wanna make are solo games and I got are Connexion lost  what this happend? 

Yestarday I had some problems of connection lost as well around early afternoon. It's very likely to be a temporary issue with the server. Let us know if you keep experiencing it.

ok im a newb at this game i just downloaded it this morning.im on the screen that has your car and where you can click on by porformance arts and stuff.and everytime i click on one of them it freezes then tells me connection lost then kicks me completely off the game.why is that????

blake smith

if you use wifi connection it's quite unstable for now we get disconnection issue so i'm back to wired connection for temps till i get forced to run back on wireless.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

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