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Working on Iron Mine


Iron Mine (codename not final) will be our forth racing zone, hosting 5 completely new tracks, hosted in an abandoned iron mine, converted into a huge racing complex.

I can't show you guys anything final as our Design Director and 3D artists are working on it right now, but let me share some pictures I've taken from their monitors, just to create some anticipation :)

We're working hard to release Iron Mine as soon as possible, it's the perfect place where to drive your Pro car to the max, with the longest straight in Victory and race track design inspired from real world Formula 1 tracks.

Initially we wanted to release the Pro Class together with this new zone, but we then opted to concentrate the development only on the Pros to be able to finish them in time for the Beta 1 last february.

Iron Mine is still months away, but we hope you will enjoy it as much as we're enjoying creating it.



It looks exciting :)


This is unexpected. Such ingenious location. Looks good and exciting.

I can't wait. I can't wait! :D

This asks for a free-drive mode where you can explore every zone at your own pace.
It looks awesome!

Yeppa per l'imperatore dei nerd italiani, keep up the good work, really looking forward to test it! ;-)

absolutly agree!

OMG, it looks amazing, can't wait to blast my pro cars round the new area :D

also, a free roam section would be nice, somewhere we could choose a car, drive about, and move the camera with the mouse (to see more of the scenery, and to take pics of our cars)

So many roads... it makes me want to see a make-your-own-layout feature, or a free-roam mode as someone else suggested.

I have to try and win haha

im surprised more people haven't commented on this yet.

i am literally jumping up and down with excitement waiting for it :D


maybe you need a "News" button in-game so people can see the latest bit of news/progress...

(a bit like the rankings button - a link out of the game, to this site)


also, maybe the offroad class could visit the mine too, in some of the unused spaces, and land below the raised up roads.

you could make some interesting hillclimb stages on the terraced sections around the edge too :P

We're working on a new game launcher that will host also the website news to give them some more visibility, you're right on that.

Also... I've also seen some of the concepts for the first Offroad Formula racing zone... volcano island anyone? ssssh! ;) we'll talk about that after next summer ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Krakatoa Derby..... can't stop salivating

Looks really cool... Can't wait to try it!

this game is  cloud be only formula in future???? or have stock cars , nascar style??????????

while other types of race cars are a possibility in the future... for the near term Victory will focus on primarily open wheel vehicles. An off-road formula is in the works to be completed by the end of the year.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some ovals, but even that wouldn't be stock cars, at least not initially. 

and make tracks mod , cloud be a good opition!!!!!!!!

What animation program do you use to make the tracks?

3ds Max.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

so, all can make the tracks easy ????? :D

Don't think so. :p

Alessandra Pollini - QA

many people use to make tracks to the NR2003 with this program

We're using a proprietary world editor that we can maybe share with the community in the future, but actually it's not ready for modders, sorry.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

ok , but , one create tracks mode in game , cloud be cool to all!!!!!!!

yes i see the past

Hmmmmm... looks delicious for me...   XD

I can't wait...


Keep up the good job.  :-)

Looks promising. Is there an estimated release date for it?

I looked at the screenshot, and I think my lower jaw dropped down a foot or something.

I am certainly looking foward to the day this comes out.

Keep being awesome, Vae Victis!!!

yeah looks amazing!

Itomi, Alexa do you have some fresh pictures of Iron mine??

Soon Ivek. ;)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

nice, tnx alexa....





Do we get "Itomi Mountain Climb" after this? ;)

Is there any progress on the map?

Iron mine is death or.....

Iron Mine is not dead, we're working on two different new locations right now, but our focus is on beta 3 optimization and new features, coming really soon.

I'll then update you guys on our content schedule for 2013.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

When ever you say "new content" I keep seeing myself as a shark and the content as a fishing rod with a juicy, blooddripping tuna..:)

Can't wait ;D

That is really cool :) Good job keeping the game updated :)

What sort of state's Iron Mine in at the moment?

Any news?


This game has come so far...

...the Volcanic Island thing sounds awesome though. Can't wait for the day that OF comes out.

Let me put this out there cuz while I don't have anything against mods in some game formats in MMO it can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

MMO most of the dynamics of cars, tracks etc are maintained on the server as far as the data, like surface grip and so on..graphically is where the client comes in.  The server tells the downloaded client what to load and how the car should act on that track, based on data for the player also saved on server.  

Opening ports into the servers for open modding can lead to..open hacking.  its a bit different when it comes to a full blown installed game on a user's pc such as rfactor where modding is not only done, but encouraged.  While modification for advantage (hacking) does occur there is a check in game that prevents them from being used online. You can't join a race with rfactor if 1. you don't have the same downloaded mod/carpack/track pack and 2. if your files don't match the others in the race.  Simply changing the install folder for a car set in Rfactor can cause problems.

What you are asking a very small dev team to do with an MMO is user creates track, upload to dev team, dev team then installs into servers and distributes said track graphix to all users.

From what I can tell from the front end of things and no I haven't dug into the installation on my pc but the servers do a file check each and every time you log in..if you don't match up..you either get re updated from the server from the get go or you sit there and look at your play button running in circles all night.

Now, we are small right now..maybe 30-40 drivers on most days at peak..When this goes from beta to live and they really start advertising this we'll potentially have hundreds, if not thousands, looking for races..the server list will explode and there will be people waiting in line to get in a race.

I base this in a couple of other MMO's I play, 1 being world of tanks. In the US alone there are two seperate server farms supporting the mmo, with another in europe, and one in russia as well.  The two US server farms on any given day total for the two have over 27000 people logged in at peak.  Granted its a shoot or die MMO, but the USA has a very long racing history with a lot of racing simmers out there..when this goes "live" so to speak things are going to get crowded really fast.  Now, if they release their world editor..thats potentially hundreds of new tracks that come flooding in..from beginner quality to excellent graphicly but also fps hogs.  The dev's would have to weed through these and get rid of the potential game crashers.

So what does that do to the update schedule..sinks it..totally.

World of Tanks usually does an update every six weeks, adding a couple of new maps, new tanks, modifications to existing tanks to keep them from being uber strong or deathtraps..they keep the community happy doing things that way and they can crank out a map every six weeks or so to keep us on our toes..

I think, given time, bugs fixed, no new ones popping up, etc, that tracks and updates won't be such a long process with the dev team we got.  Beta 4 is a huge update to this MMO and has taken a lot of time and resources to put together, alpha test and get ready, and that work continues as I type this.  Released from all that bug fixing and we'll get new tracks more often, possibly new car sets, new car blocks and so on.  We just gotta be patient guys.

As it stands now, Iron Mines will be a seperate release from beta 4..I can understand that..bug fixes, graphics upgrades and so on should come first.making the graphics engine lighter and leaner as they are means that they can potentially do even longer tracks than A1 Blue or FF blue..perhaps getting close to the length of nurburghring (now that would be an awesome three laps there..)=HINT or even historic tracks from around the world..Spa, lemans, nurburghring, sebring, so on..we just gotta give em room to breath a little.

with a potentially large community out there in US, Plus Europe who love their F1 open modding alone could get out of hand really fast.  If you look at the Rfactor central site at the downloads available for that game you get an idea..you can spend hours paging through and never see them all..from nascar from its beginning till now, F1, Stadium offroad trucks, to gokarts, to aussie v8 supercars to indy to LMP2 prototypes they've created them all with open arms from the devs and that will continue into Rfactor 2 which is on its way out. 

MMO's by design have to be very content controlled because of the way they are set up..the servers do most of the work so it has to be a controlled file system with everybody running the same thing.  I've yet to see an MMO that allows modding like what you all are talking.  


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