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Beta 4: Team Careers

One of the main concerns on Victory during the first phases of the beta was that the players didn't exaclty know what to do in the game other than launch or join race servers.

There's tons of different activities that you can enjoy in Victory: you can race in single player hot lapping, quickraces with different game modes, daily and weekly events, live events during the day... or you can spend time refining your car or creating a new one from scratch, changing the different setups and attributes, buy new esthetic items, etc.

All those activities were proposed to the players only through our Achievements System.

We then created a Quest System, where we proposed to the players to complete particular achievements to get rewards and, at the same time, discover what you can do in Victory.

That' was not enough.

During the definition of Beta 4 we wanted to find a more intriguing way to push the players through the game, race in particular races, complete particular achivements, buy particular cars, etc.



Team Careers

There's three Team Careers buttons in the new main screen, one per each car class in the game. You can start a Team Career for every single car class in the game.



Once you first click on one Team Career button the game asks you which Official Team of that particular car class you want to join to start your career.

Each Class Championship has three different official teams that you can join, here they are:


When you choose to start a Team Career in a certain Car Class Championship, for example in the Legend Championship, the game asks you which of the three official teams you want to join:


Each Official Team got a name, logo, primary color, engine and tires partners and a car attributes distribution that is unique for every team. 

Each team will offer you to drive different cars for every Performance Group (check this post about Performance Groups) and every car of that particular team will reflect the car attributes general distribution choosen by the team.

(Note: the values in the above screenshots are not final, we're just testing different distributions right now)

Once you select a team you will be proposed to test on track the best car of that particular team: if you're ok with that car you can confirm your decision and officially enter the team.

When you enter a Official Team you can start your racing career by racing with one of the team cars.

The career is divided in three main Performance Groups, like the game, and you have to unlock different goals (achievements) in every group to finally complete the career and get your Career reward: a Group 0 (70PI) official team car that you can use on official competitions and events!



The player in the above example is now checking out his Formula Championship Career: he joined the Scorpion Racing Team (Go Scorpions!) and he's now checking out his different Group Goals. 

To unlock a particular goal you have to buy a car in that particular performance group and complete the given achievement with that car.

You can't change the premade Team Cars, but you can customize them with your favorite racing number. 



To complete your Career and get your rewards you have to complete each performance group goals in that career.

Players that complete a Class Career become what we call "Official Drivers" and will be allowed to enter special events and championships with their Group 0 (70PI) brand new car.



Each Official Racing Team has different attributes, different tires and engine suppliers, different esthetics: choose your team wisely and then show off your racing team car on the tracks, be proud of your new family!






Sounds much more involving to the player, something to aim for! Is this 'career mode' an offline challenge?
Great stuff though....can't wait!

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

There's no offline mode in Victory, this new team career can be completed by unlocking goals/achievements related to the normal online play.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

 Gallara racing

"Racing is living"


I love that name

ooooh, that makes it even better...'drooling'  and some foaming at the mouth lol.

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

I was expecting something like private teams... but... omg...  :*


This is a must see!!! I like this "three way challenge". And there are a lot of work effort in each car, I suppose...

I'll choose... well... let's play the game, let's play...    ;)

What I like most is the fact that we choose a "faction", so future events/championships of this kind won't just be free-for-all races but more like team racing! It's not just the carrer by itself (which is still nice), but the feeling of belonging to a team! And seeing the tests i got the feeling that the cars will truely be balanced in general!

This brings to mind a question..those of us with premium accts and premium parts on our cars...?



I don't know, but I guess these are "separated" from the other cars, so won't be affected by premium.. or not much at least! For sure not performance-wise!

I'll explain in full detail how the game economy and premium accounts will change in Beta 4 in one of the next days post ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Great joob! :) I cant wait :)


i like the sound of it

Tutto molto interessante, spero che così ci siano anche tanti piloti in più. Una curiosità, e tutti i progressi fatti fino adesso verranno annullati, e si partirà tutti da zero?

[EDITED by QuillioN, google translate] English version :- All very interesting, I hope that in this way there'll be a lot more drivers more. A curiosity, all the progress made so far will be canceled, and will we start all from scratch?

We'll reset every track record as we've changed the car physics in Beta 4. We'll not reset your cars or experience gained during Beta 1-2-3.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games


Soon™ :)

It's just weeks away.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Have no words... We want the BETA4 and we want it NOW!!!

I'm sending the request to join the team Rumble XD



Judah just wants me to whup up on him some more :)




well in rookie class recently you're whupping me more than i like! i'm rusted again! where's my 3on1 spray?

This sounds epic!


We might even get some team-patriotism now.

usk esrb_rp

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