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Beta 4 is coming: A new main screen

During the Beta stage of Victory we decided, six months ago, to take all the feedbacks from our beloved community and complete the development of our humble game with a final step that we now call "Beta 4".

For us this has been the most difficult and intense development cycle since we started Vae Victis six years ago. We took all the feedbacks, the suggestions and new ideas we gathered during the first three Beta stages of Victory, we placed them on a big white board and we started thinking on what to change or introduce in Victory, without any boundaries.

We designed a new interface. We studied new ways to optimize the game, we changed the basics of our economy, we introduced new experiences, new kind of events, new possibilities for the players, we scripted a game tutorial.

We changed the game, for the better, and we started developing the new Service Pack that we now call "Beta 4".

I'll describe you everything we changed or created from scratch in a series of posts here on our Development Updates forum. Here's the first one.



A new Main Screen

The first and most evident change in Beta 4 is the main screen:


Starting from the bottom:

  • we still have the Social Bar (chats, players list, friends, status, etc)
  • The brand new Activities Bar, that offers you customized events, live events, access to the lobby and, in general, is the central place where to find where to race next. Don't waste your time around the game, stay on the main screen and our central server will offer you new races, events and championships to join, hassle free.
  • The new Car List contains the list of your owned cars. You can create a new car from scratch or hover your mouse on one of your cars to see more and customize / develop it.
  • Your Garage hosts your cars: just select a car from one of the car lists and see it in all its glory.
  • The new Main Menu it's now super simple and offers you the way to change the options, exit the game, check your achievements, enter the items shop and more.

There's dozens of new features in Beta 4. I'll continue to preview them in the coming days, stay tuned!


Nice notice :) Great job ;)

Wow! Looks awesome and handy, have all the options at one click in one screen is perfect. Nice to see the good work is paying off. Congratulations guys!

Can't wait for more of this expected Beta4 new features.


Judah, a.k.a Pujalski


Hehe..Pujalski! :)


Nice,but let's get straight to the point. Did you put in order low fps, lag, freeze...

I did not test directly the latest builds, but if the initial momentum was maintained good news are coming.. :D

'We studied new ways to optimize the game.' I guess that means putting in order low fps, lag and freeze ;)

I think it's looking great. No more tabbing around the home screen! Good clean design, for a central hub. I also like the view of the car in the garage :D keep 'em coming guys. P.S any chance of a time scale for the new 'beta 4' ?

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Yeah, I guess so,but studying it is not equal  learn it.


WHOOHOOO, new lobby!!!! we move forward!!!!

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

I hope you're not saying this is the last update! Other than that, looks good so far! I must admit I haven't played in a while due to the lack of news or updates...

Fantastic. congratulations for a great job.

main screen and mores? 

Heya, all, by the way GREAT THING WITH THIS NEW BETA, but im intersting when u guys DEV MOD could get out of all bugs in the game and WOULD U RESET ALL RECORDS AJUST BY BUGS SPECIALLY IN ROOKIE CLASS. tHX VERY MUCH, I APPRECIATED THAT VERY MUCH.

PS: I think there are many racers who agreed with me in this problem.



Guys, the times were caused by a bug (NOT a hack) in the current patch, and as the devs already said in a post - but probably you missed it, since it was not an announcement - after the next update the leaderboards are going to be reset, so no worries about that!

will there be New car blocks?

Particullary rokie seems underdeveloped in terms of these blocks.

well that concludes my Victory experience than i guess. thanks for couple of years worth of fun, best of luck in future.

You promised to solve the problem of the cheating in the game and reset all records. I hope for it in the new patch. Until now, many of the tracks on the abnormal records.

Forward to the victory of communism!

There is no cheating and this thing has been explained over and over, even in this very thread. It was a bug affecting a few users and it's been already fixed. Records will be reset with the release of Beta 4.

Excellent. Yet I propose to introduce a record telemetry record laps.

Forward to the victory of communism!

Good changes!


Particularly, I ever think about an old garage to buid my old fashioned cars...   :D


Good feeling...   ;)

i like everything that u guys have put in so far but i wood really like to see some new tracks it wood be awsome i wood like if u guys could do that


Mam pytanie a jak ją pobrać


Various swearing

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usk esrb_rp

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