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Hello, I wonder if in Beta 4 will continue to have Widgets?
Particularly I think does not help Widgets.
thank you

Add to beta4 will be a very big mistake. For only spoils the game, and brings outrage at all. if thou wilt invent a method that only use and not use one that I would fully agree. Wdgets only brings more disagreement esntre players. Many hardly play more I gave up playing for that reason. What makes a game is growing bureaucracy. Polls launch site would be the best thing to do.


I don't think most really care if there is widgets being used or not..I personally don't..I don't use them personally in gp's or qr's for the most part..the occasional brake widget yeah in a super gp on ark 1 yellow but I'm fast enough I don't really need the others..right now I've got over a hundred +2 widgets banked from super gp wins, 20 +5 widgets from weekly events and so on.  Ya find you don't really need them when you are running 1.12.128's on ark 1 blue on average and yeah..I've cracked the 1.11s a time or two.  I may not be as fast as a few..but I'm fast enough to hang with alex..and dats good nuff fer me BUT, widgets do serve those with lower PI who are trying to compete..its not all bad.  There needs to be some sort of equalizer in the game and widgets are it.  If somebody tells me they had to use widgets to beat me I take it as a compliment.  Just means I'm fast enough that others feel the need to do so to hang with me.  Makes me feel like I'm actually good at the game.




I agree with Dark ,
widgets are not critical for the race win , if a pilot is good manages to be very competitive even if you do not use them ( herniquepro teaches ... ) .
I also do not use them hardly ever ( and my endless stocks prove it xD) , I think the widgets are one of the few "tools" to spend the credits and to do a bit of " money " to the owners of the game (remember that is a free to play , but for the owners management costs there are always ! )
it is true that create discord among the drivers, but the competition is not that too?
I "hate" Henriquepro because I can not beat it almost never , but for the same reason I admire him and I try to improve myself .
Dueling with him , Zyggy , Serphilip , Zerinol , and many others I learned how to run the right way, before using widgets , then realizing that they were not the widgets to make them go so fast but it was another ( in the guidance and skill in setup)


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