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Unknown bug


As many of you know, there are several world records were achieved with a bug branh engine.
  Forum Racing Authority
Bulletin from 10.17.2012   announcement said that all of the category rookie WR would be erased and now five months later still has not done anything. But the worst thing is starting to appear in the rankings, many WR  are ​​impossible or have been made exploit a bug, that I don't know.

Please ask from here you take some action, so this does not become a joke.

If the races are unplayable by imbalance, the lag and widgets and the hotlap mode also now beginning to have cheaters and we have nothing.

The essence of racing and the competition is being lost in this game, sorry to be so harsh but since I started to play Victory is what I see.

Changes are needed in this game, but real changes, not just makeup.

Actually WRs have been erased, and the current records are absolutely legit, in both modes. Maybe Quick Race WRs have widgets' help, but for sure not Hot Lap ones. This is not a joke, if you cannot reach them it doesn't mean that they cheat. I cannot reach them too, but i don't whine.

Also, optimizations are on their way, latest patch improved the lag (network-wise) and widgets are a discussed topic, so there's no need to bash the devs. They are working at the top of their possibilities - suggestion and reports are always good, but bashing does not help anyone.

Also, if you accuse someone of cheating, it's better to give proofs - a thing that in this case you haven't done.


First :

The wr  don't have erased  , Savikas time hotlap in Rock island red  rookie  has been made whit the  engine branh bug , and  also Savikas time in race lap time in fort fast blue , i  playing these race .


Now , tell me if these times are  legals:  Rookie ark one blue race lap time 1:07:63  whit 31 PI  jajajajaja ,this is legit

                                                              Rookie ark one red   race lap time 42:691  this is not slipstream , is  jetstream

                                                              Rookie fort fast green  hot lap    43:800   it is impossible whit these car configuration

If these times are legal, please tell me because I will not spend more time and money on this game


And speaking of the suggestions, I'll remember some of which I have done, what happens is that you just do not read, as you have not seen either bugged times:


Rebalalanced engines and tyres , for  extended configuration car possibilities.

More blocks  for make car replicas and customization

Add letters  in decals , for  don't having to do them by hand

And the topics .... more tracks , replays , teams , more players for race , etc etc


I have driven 17744 laps , and spend many many hours in the game , testing engines , tyres configurations , design cars  few people of the active players , can  have one feedback like mine, but hey the game is yours, do what you want

You konow, your attitude does not play on your side, since on the last time Capa is at 43.8 and for sure is not cheating, so it's just you. Also, race WRs can be slipstreamed or else, you're right on the first time. 

Also, as I've said, they are not a milionare studio, and they have not tons of people to work on the game. If you feel that all of the suggestion should be integrated in the game, then try to so something like this, or check other games. You know, saying the same thing more and more times doesn't help, there's a topic for suggestions and I assure that it is considered a lot in the development. Still, all users are equally important, so if you spent a lot of time on this game you may have more experience but your opinion is not more important than the one of other users.

As I always said, if you can't stand the patches' speeds, you can migrate to other games and come back whenever a new patch is released - constructive feedback is good, destructive is not. You should have posted from the beginning the time and explaining, not bashing with general accusations and saying "OMG this game, you better improve or it will suck".


The world record in fort fast green rookie  is of Vasilis37 43:800 ( impossible whit these car configuration)  not is of Capa.

I can stand the patches speeds , just saying, I have been disappointed the last patches and the direction the game is taking

And  ok ,  do not worry, I will not make it negative reviews, just thought you'd like to know what some players do not like the game

Hi :

The records  don't have been erased , you can check......................   45:025  Savikas   hot lap Rock island red  rookie


Hey Bortes,


I started around the same time like you. You have always been a very fair and fast driver. Always respected you and your skills!

But your postings lately are far too harsh! If this would be a game sold in the stores for 50 bucks promising a lot and keeping nothing, I would be completely on your side. If you did spend some money for it then it should be understood as a support for a project you believe in, and not as a purchase of a "ready for the market" game.

In fact this game is still in beta phase. It is free to play and done by a small independent studio. Under this circumstances I think they do a very good job!

Surely there are still a lot of things that could be done better or need some fixing, but or me it is still the best free online racing game I've ever played.

The devs should take as much time for developing and bringing this game forward as they need. Too much preasure is counterproductive. Yes, the progress is not fast, but steady.

And yes: The actual WR's in Ark One Blue and Red are impossible. There is something wrong. Just report it and sooner or later they will take care. I am sure about that. No need to get rattled.

If you are so unhappy with the game like it is atm, take a break and come back later. But please be a bit more patient and don't expect that everything is going the way you want.

I always liked to race with you and hope we will meet on the tracks again...

Only one part of the time was cancelled, you are totally right about it: in the list, where the gaps are displayed, you can still see it. It got removed from here: http://victorythegame.com/rankings/hotlapsworldrecords, but not from here: http://victorythegame.com/rankings/hotlaps

It's nomore showed as WR, but has to be fixed: thx for reporting it. 

Checking about the other times, specially A1 blue and red: 11 sec and 8 sec of gap for the second look a bit too much. We will investigate, thx again.


Alessandra Pollini - QA

I trust bortes when he says those times are strange, but the most tricky one could be Fort Fast Green which is just 250 m/s from the second best lap but still it's quite an impressive gap considering the kind of track and the car used to achieve it. Plus the guy who holds the record seems still a bit unprepared to go that fast (I've seen him racing and I also had a look at his other records which fits more with his current level of experience). But as I said this one is very tricky and maybe he really nailed it somehow. I'm still suospicious though.

That said, I really think you could have used a much less aggressive attitude bortes. As I see it, it's mostly because you really like this game and you want to see it developed as fast as possible, otherwise you wouldn't even be here wasting your time writing your opinions. So I'll personally take it as a positive thing. Let's just keep giving our little contribution to the developers and be patience :)

Exactly Capa, I didn't mention that 43.800 made by VASILIS37 on FF green, cause it's really a tricky one: the analysis you did is exactly the same as mine. We will check if we can find anything in the databases. 

Alessandra Pollini - QA


Capa, is not my intention to be aggressive in my comments. I am a very impulsive and sometimes I get carried away by enthusiasm. The truth is that you are right and perhaps so vehement that I love this game and do not want to be lost in limbo Internet as has happened to many others for making mistakes that can be solved in time.

The hardest thing is done, it is to make a racing game with a perfect balance of difficulty and realism and that is super-addictive. What happens is that the priorities that I think the game needs are not the same as those developers to create and I am driven by my impulsiveness.
I am aware of the limitations of the development team and I'm upset that it takes to get a patch if it is not because they are working, what are the priorities for improving the game and that certainly has me worried I'm afraid that it might spoil the game. It is clear that I see it from the point of view of a player and developers see it from the economic point of view and that most of the time can not be together.

In my opinion, one of the things that the game needs to engage more players and keep them, is to promote the role aspect of the game and other players to stay motivated with constant championships, league
s , challenges, etc

On the role of one of the most engaging things to players, is the ability to build multiple configurations of the car and this is where they play a very important role tires and engines, so my insistence with which to swing , so they can build many more competitive settings. Only this, and gives many hours of play, hours of debate on configurations and generates great satisfaction to the user because you always have the illusion that you can give to the ideal setting.

Another very important thing that hooks people is the subject of the repeats. Branch to see this epic race with your friends, or share your fast laps or enjoy watching the race again and see where I made ​​mistakes, enjoy the designs cars, because while running do not have time XDD.

No, it's like seeing the development team unconcerned know what players want, I do not mean that they are.
Maybe if you do surveys, we kept more informed on things that are working and are as people would be more concerned about the game and get involved more.

Well I hope everything has been clarified and if someone is upset with my views, I apologize.

Inputs from users are always relevant and I'm sure all the things you mentioned in your post have been taken into consideration by the developers. Some faith is needed here :)

The thing is it will take time. There are so many things to do and so little resources at disposal. The "economic point of view" mentioned by you it's what will make the development be more effective and satisfying for the final user, so it can't be taken slightly and it has to be a top priority. No income, no development, There is no way out.

Your voice and community's as whole is critical to all this. It's important to keep giving feedback, sharing opinions, leaving comments both positive and negative as you did so far.

Today "tornado" made awasome time of    1' 07" 063    in A1 blue. : )

Aye, that's impossible. :(

We are still checking all the times, so we delete all the 'wrong' ones at once.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Just saw the new records set by LyNeX on Rock Island Blue - Red, Ark One Blue - Yellow. Way too fast I'm sorry...

edit: he just told me he started to use a steering wheel :/

capa it is the steering wheel i noticed that i can get a turn on rock island withouth brake,

Which turn is that and at what speed are you doing it?

I was sleeping xD, the two last turn that are close, i could do them 20-30km more faster, so with keyboard i do them on 60-85 km/h with steering max that i did was on 100km last turn

And I started to use blue engine and getting better times in some sectors, I think the last patch made this engine be better or something.

And I saw the penetron can follow my times, he reduced a second when he saw i passed him, so maybe new generation is better than old one.

Ah and the setup that I use in hotlap is so hard to get a good lap, You have to do like 20 laps to get one good, but the time difference is so good.


ADD: I was this morning checking engine on A1Yellow, the conclusion blue is better to this map. 3seconds better on first sector and just loses 0.700 on second +/- . It has more acceleration and it is great to the first part of ice that it is where you get the time or where you lose. I tried it on Semi and Pro and got the same time relation but in a less way on semi just 1 or 2 second like max and in Pro 1second better. I will proove red engine next week now im going to get KM to grind week

3 seconds better in only one sector???????       it's a bug , at high end  lvls  it's impossible and less whit the blue engine.

I test my steering wheel whit the blue engine and this is absolutelly impossible.

Please ,  post you setup for rock island blue and tell us that whell  you using

It is posible ask 4nt0n10, yesterday we were playing and he beats my 1st sector but he couldnt with my second on ffm, on others maps i have a good first and bad second depend of it is all turns or if its have long straight

If you could record some videos with the standard setup (so with brahn engine basically) would be very helpful. 

Idk how to record in this game always that i start when i check the video it is all in black and the screenshot are black too maybe the game dont allow to record, because in all games that i play i have to record due all ppl call me hack 


My youtube id is JUANICKATOR


It's not about cheating, it's about trying to figure out if there is a bug and understand how to fix it. That's the main purpose of a Beta. For this reason it would be really helpful from you to keep giving your inputs on this specific matter. You can use the programme Fraps (http://www.fraps.com/) to record videos. Your help could be very valuable for devs to provide a better game, so please try to stick around at least on this issue.

I know what is fraps and it lags i use bandicam, so the fps mark of the recorded doesnt appear so im not able to record. And on last patch i saw that now you can take pictures from game with impr, but i get black prints. 

And Im using blue engine, why? Because it has more acceleration and you get just 3km/h less than yellow engine but 3seconds before, i think that it is an advantage is not? Maybe in properties you see that blue is a sh...t but im getting better times with it than with yellow. And when i started to play I usually used red and got similar times (your times), then a patch make red engine the baddest one, and Bortes told me yellow is now the best I started to use it but i dont like it so i didnt try out others. Now i started to play frecuently then I started to check differents setups and found mine. Check again differents and maybe your times will be better than mines, because with same setup you are the faster one

And if my times get reset you will see that I will be able to do them again, because im not using any hack, and it is serius im in spanish federation of FPS if im catched using a cheat or bug or anything that give me advantages in a any game, I will lose my federation and Im not idiot to lose it, when it cost so much get a reputation. I dont play this game so much only because i saw that event but seriusly when event end I will come back to my other game and come here when get updates .. gg I will not look this post again two days and I will stop playing .. I have to travel to California to a superleague with a winner prize of 15000 $

To me, it comes just a difference of analog and digital controls. If it not a case, than some bug associated with the using of steering wheel.

I thought that, then I came back to keyboard I WONT have advantages due to have a steering wheel. But It is very very easy take every turn with it. If someone can try out it and seriusly never more will use a keyboard to play races games.

Ok. I had the opportunity to watch LyNeX racing (thanks a lot for your help). The issue seems quite simple: he is using a steering wheel and this somehow allows him to use extreme setups without having the disadvantage to losing grip.

I especially recorded a video of him doing Ark One Yellow (which I'll upload soon) and he is reaching insane speed because he can use -5 -4 setup (downforce all the way towards speed instead of grip, and very long gears for higher top speed). Without a steering wheel it would be impossible to do some of the turns or even a chicane at high speed, because you won't have enough grip and you'll be forced to slow down considerably. This downside doesn't affect steering wheel users (or maybe some of them, I don't know).

So at the moment we still lack balance between different control systems. Anyone without a wheel won't be able to do such times.



Grip strenght  is very questionable in this game no matter do you use keyboard, joypad or s.wheel. Some corner you can pass     ridiculously  fast ( like hairpin in ArcOne blue or third corner on FortFast blue ). On the other hand slower corners are pretty good simulated.

Hi all,

Infact there is a considerable diference in times depending on what you use to race. Just the other day I was talking to Capa (if you remember) and telling him that since steering wheel was introduced I was expecting the Hot Lap wr to go down. Now that said it is a shame that that happens, but there is no other way around it. I some of you know I use keyboard and for example on RI Blue, I managed to get it down to 52.043, and I can honestly say that there is just no way you can even go down to 51.8 with keyboard. The fastest first sector I ever clocked was 24.746 but the two last turns are just impossible to do as fast as a joypad.

Putting it simply, a keyboard there is no progressive accelaration or braking, and the turning is progressive, not imidiate. So I can imagine that with steering you can go as fast as Lynex did (for my sadness as I am seeing all my RI wr crumble before my eyes without being able to do anything about it)

I did not expact though that the diference would be so much (RI blue is more the 2sec) but if it is not a bug, it does make sence, otherwhise we would have gamepads or keyboards instead of steering wheels in our cars.

Regarding some other dodgy wr (like tornado's one) I do understand that the developing team is small, and that they do their best, but if this does not stop somehow, I know where this is going to end, with every newbie using cheats to win. I used to play a free online game, and they ad punkbuster to look for cheats, but still it was a pandemic, it eventually became impossible to play, and I hope this does not happen to this game.

Finally, I guess regarding the controllers, it's a matter of how the they want to market this game. If it is a racing sim then go for it, and improve steering wheel and joypads, if you want to maintain it a bit more arcade, then I guess something needs to be done.

I enjoy racing recerco, and love our battles in hotlap parties, but eventually I know that 8 or 9 out of 10 he's going to beat me....thank god he does not have a steering wheel as well, or you capa, and by the way, if you both get one, just let me know so I dont even bother loggin in when you do :)

Honestly, I've tried to play with the steering wheel and my times are worse than with the keyboard. With the keyboard under many times of 52 sec but with the steering wheel, I have not gotten down to 52:7 xx. I have tried many configurations and engines, but without improving and I think you all know how hard it is to lose one tenth of a second in RI BLUE.

I do not know if all will be working like flyers, or perhaps with some steering the game work better than others.
My wheel is a cockpit f430 trusthmaster without force feedback.

Hi Minhoca,

the driving wheel support is still a quite new feature and is maybe needing to be more balanced compared to the other input devices. I am optimistic that this will be done...



The balancing of the different input methods it's one of our priorities: we'd like to see keyboard, joypad, mouse and steering wheel racers to play together without any evident advantage for a particular input. We strive to achieve this together with our fantastic community feedback and support. Feel free to report your feedback and advices on the forum, as always, we'll improve Victory together.

I'm completely fine if someone with a steering wheel has got a couple of tenth of a second advantage, but here we are talking about huge numbers. So I guess there is still a lot of tuning to do, not only on steering wheels but also on the sensibility parameters of other devices such as joypads which also affects times as much as the regular car setup (actually I'd say it's an added setting to perform better on certain tracks, especially with Pro cars).

Anyway keyboard and joypad are much closer then you may think, and Penetron's times are evidence. It would be desirable to have the same situation with steering wheel in the future.

I agree, I had a chance to talk to Penetron yesterday and I must say that trying his setups I found that he is just a gifted player.

But I think he is a rare exception, most keyboards are much, much slower Capa, and you know that most of the fast players use joypad.

I know setups depend on someones style of racing, but nevertheless he is pretty fast, specially because he uses keyboard.

The thing is I find that most people do struggle a bit to be quick with keyboard, I try to help everyone that comes to me, specially the ones with PI60 that have very low lap times. Maybe if there was other racing modes, like open, steering wheel, joypad, keyboard. I don't know how hard that would be to setup or if it makes any sense.

Again I don.t mind racing anyone, and it was the fact that I wanted to be as quick as you, and racing with recerco that made me push myself, but others might struggle with the diference in controller.

but I do think that steering wheel compared to all other modes are to much, or maybe just the reality of things, as I said, if keyboards or joypads was a quick way to control a car with would see F1 cars equiped with them.

I absolutely see your point. Balancing different kind of controllers is a very difficult goal to achieve and there will always be someone unhappy because of this.

Scratch my first statment when I said I couldn't go 51 sec

Just did a 51.969

The thing is I had to setup my car with -4; +2; +5; -1; -5; 0  whith sensitivity 50;50. That makes the car very twitchy, and if I add to the sensitivity (with my driving style) the car oversteers on every turn. This means the better control you have of your car the faster you go, which mean Penetron has a very good control of the keyboard, and that again steering wheel will always be faster. As you said Capa, you can get massive amounts of speed if you are able to keep the car from oversteering, which is easier with a wheel, ok with joypad, hard with keyboards.

It will be very hard to make the 3 controllers equal in speed, whithout compromising the simulation of reality. Again it is up to the developers if they want a more hardcore sim or a more arcade racing game. My opinion is that there are a few free harcore racing sims, so this could be more towards the arcade mode, and therefore try to lvl the controllers a bit more.

Hot Lap is one thing, but I feel that it would be very hard for most people to sustain a regular lap time with what seams to be the faster setup (low grip, high aero oversteer).

I raced Penetron on a super gp in fort fast blue, and I could keep up with him the first 3 laps (he was using +2 widjets, I wasn't) then he got the hang of it for the next 3 laps and even whent 1:35,545 (close to wr) and managed to close the gap of 5 sec to enoc and win the race. If it was keyboard vs steering I guess almost impossible to close that gap, and the unregular first 3 laps would doom your race. You can argue it is a matter of what you want to sacrifice for speed, if you want to be more regular you choose a more stable setup, but then there would be no way to keep up with steering wheel again.

It's tricky!

Regarding wr like the jcn123 and the tornado (no brainer) it's either bug or cheat, and if it is cheat, my opinion is find it and give players warnings and then ban them if they ignore, to avoid a pandemic outbrake of cheaters.

usk esrb_rp

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