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Track Suggestions

While the devs can not bring real world tracks into the game w/o paying out some big bucks for licensing, if there are any real world tracks that you would like to see some features of in future new tracks developed for the game - feel free to post info and pics of them here! Also be sure to point out specific areas of that track that you wish to see represented in future Victory race tracks!

Also if you come up with your own designs and blueprints you can post those here too!

I look forward to your suggestions and I am sure the devs do too!

- Mad Cow -

I'd like to see the corkscrew from Laguna Seca.  One of my favorite tracks to race on is Bathhurst.  We may not be able to put that in the game but, I'd like to see a track with something like that.  The Le Mans track would be awesome as well.

A track inside a vulcano.

No, Bob :D

And then one where you actually jump over lava and go through loops and stuffs like that :D

I personally think this is a great idea!

Real tracks and cars, sponsors and names are wasted money in my opinion.

But I would like a track that "looks like" a real race track. With a realistic layout, a pit building, grandstands and everything a real race track needs.

And maybe there could be a kind of "Best of"-track which combines some of the world´s most famous corners and combinations like the cork screw, the banked bends from Anderstorp, the Eau Rouge, the Loew´s from Monte Carlo or the Variante Ascari. (Not sure if there could be licensing-problems if a curve looks like a real one. It´s a strange world ruled by lawyers. no )


Ooooor... a REALLY italian looking track. With these old italian houses, maybe flags and some typical trackside-details.


Or: An airport-racetrack like in Cleveland. The track-layouts are boring usually, but with some of the typical bumps of an airport-circuit, the track would be very challenging.



And: Best european racetrack is still in Donington Park. The Craner Curves just rock!

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

But I would like a track that "looks like" a real race track. With a realistic layout, a pit building, grandstands and everything a real race track needs.

And maybe there could be a kind of "Best of"-track which combines some of the world´s most famous corners and combinations like the cork screw, the banked bends from Anderstorp, the Eau Rouge, the Loew´s from Monte Carlo or the Variante Ascari.

That's exactly the new "zone" we're working on, it will host 5 different tracks like the other three, we still don't have a release date, but that's the next in line ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Maybe an oval track for reaching the max speed .... with more laps and a mandatory going into the box ...
Greetings from the Croatia!!!!
Victory, ......


Suzuka Circuit, Japan.

My all time favourite since childhood. Liked it when I was a kid watching F1 from TV, Liked it still playing with the first F1 'Simulator' early 90's. It's still my favourite in TORCS, and other racing games.


Can't wait to see the new track!

Just for fun, some suggestions on new environments:

- "Thousand Sands": A track in the desert, where people have reorganized in tribes. Environment could be made of dunes, tents, and old "arabic style" villages (like the actual Rock Island). Maybe, random sand storms that compromise the visibility would be cool!

- "Babylon Colony": Track inside a destroyed city (as the storyline suggests...world is destroyed!). Tunnels, undergrounds and big buildings. This could require an excessive graphic effort, they could  build the tracks on underground tunnels (the place where the people are living after the disaster) and only a little part of the track is "open air".



A big destroyed city would I prefer too.

Some streets on bridge piers gone down, so you can drive up/down to/from the higher street.

Some tunnels are open on the top, so you can drive in/out there.

Some buildings are destroyed and form another type of way.

Maybe a building where a street goes through (example).


We need a figure 8 :D

Best idea ever! ...at least for some kind of funny event.

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Maybe a very urban track, with lots of tall buildings and a lot of 90* turns (not totally, but you get the idea...)

Yeah, and a piece of ruined 4-6 lane freeway with crossing bridges on it. :D


What about an arena like in Destruction Derby  :D 




Yay destruction derby with open-wheel racing cars. :D

I'd like to see a track that is a lot like Nurburgring in the game. A 17 mile track with many different possible layouts.... with a lot of the features of the Nurburgring. 



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%BCrburgring   - Nurburgring on Wiki


http://youtu.be/4hyATjjajPg  -  In-Car video of the entire Nurburgring



(PS I did notice a couple segments of the current tracks are reminiscent of "The Bowl" of the Nurburgring.)

Ask me, I´ve been very drunk @ Pflanzgarten in 2008.:D

I totally agree to the Nürburgring-idea and that inspired me to another one:

We have 70´s/80´s cars, so a typical track from the 70´s/80´s would be cool. I think about extremely high curps, tracks with like 3kms. And maybe more bumps in the road which make it hard to brake properly.

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yeah i do too want to have a track like the nurburging just a have a lot of different styles with a longer straightaway

I want to see a track like Pikes Peak (i know, not a circuit) in the nightime or bad weather.

Whats with the tracks in this Video?


A very early version of RI,  I think.

And: I would like to see "realistic" tracks, not like.... jumps and loopings and all that crap. But as far as I know, the next track-pack will be massively awesome!\O/

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

+1   I definitely don't want to see the tracks become any less realistic than what they are today. I'm all for realistic tracks!

I know!

What about a track inside a spaceship? :D

i would like to see bits of:

Brands Hatch (long version) (England),

Laguna Seca (America)

Bathhurst (Australia)

these are 3 of the most epic tracks on the planet, so are a good place to look for designs :P

I agree and add:


Elkhard Lake


Nürburgring Nordschleife

Donington Park


the Phoenix Street Circuit (Yes, I´m serious!)


Did I mention that I would like to have bumps? :D

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

Alright, this time I'm serious.
What about a Monaco style track through Italian countryside and some awesome looking coastal town?

Though we may not be able to get licenses for current tracks, what about those that don't exist any more like say:


Ontario Motor Speedway - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontario_Motor_Speedway

Riverside International - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riverside_International_Raceway

Nazareth Speedway - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazareth_Speedway


Just a thought?

There is some kind of "Speed Series" left to implement. I guess that is a place for ovals. And because I like the US racing series, I hope they will create some ovals of all shapes. Like Ovals with 2 and 4 bends, tri-ovals, quad-ovals and all that stuff.

And I´m still curious about the 8-track-idea. :D

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

for the Superspeed Series (assuming it will be somewhat based on ovals) I suggest the old Trenton, NJ track

nascar style racing blows, ovals are so boring.we dont want mario cart race tracks either. lol, and game set is destoyed earth in the rebuiling process so tracks would be configured out of whats left of the old roads and freeway systems.realistically probably consisting of torn up road way pot holes inclines and descents possibly even large cracks and debris.but lets keep that stuff off the roadway!

ovals are only boring if you don't need to use the brakes in the turns.... like Daytona and Talladega I find totally boring but Pocono, Dover, Martinsville, Milwaulkee, Rockingham, Bristol, Phoenix I find to be fun ovals. Not to mention having clay/dirt ovals in the game would throw in another challenge to the oval. Plus having oval racing will significantly increase the American population =D

Being very well educated and experienced in oval racing, I will make sure that if ovals are released in the game the devs will have my input and it will be done right.... where both handling and drafting are important. I highly doubt ovals will be boring if done the way I imagine them in the game.... although I know there are people out there who have an outright grudge against oval tracks and will never play them anyway. 

Personally I'd like to think most of our current and future players will be opened fans of all racing as opposed to tunnel vision towards one disipline and against another. 

Drafting, teamwork, knowing when to go and when to be patient are the best part of solid surface ovals.  Requires more than just physical driving skills, you also need to be mentally aware of what going on.  You just cant get into a rythem like you generally can on a road course.  Also you cant be an a-hole or you'll get left behind.  

Yeah, dirt (or snow even)ovals would be a nice addition.  


Maybe a countryside race on a thin old road between grass and cows :p

It remembers me about the Clermont-Ferrand track in the 60's. It would be a great addition or inspiration as it has long narrow roads and sharp turns in a great scenery...

Bartertown from Mad Max 3 could also make a great thing.

Or even a submarine race in a plexiglas tunnel haha !

"Maybe a countryside race on a thin old road between grass and cows :p"

Cows! We want cows to Rock Island too! And sheep. And a combine harvester! (Isn't that there already?)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

I would love to see tracks in forests and by cliff sides! 


As you can see, Fiat Lingotto Factory had a test track on the roof. Imagine a similar buiding, but with improvised bridges connecting this track with other rooftops.

I want a track with this layout:

ur prolly right

Is it Roblox? :D

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

That would be great for an industrial or City location, 90% turns all over the place. Need more layouts though.

It is Roblox for sure!

Itomi, how awesome is google's search on images source, eh? :p

Alessandra Pollini - QA


Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Yes, yes it is! :D


I made the track somewhere in 2009, the cars are all 2012 build though.

Interlagos and hungaroring! These two are perfect race "rings" for me!


Others famous tracks like Monza, Spa, Mônaco and Silverstone are welcome too.   :D

Anyone interested in a monaco like circuit ? Tight , slow  and technical ? And the most importan the setting at the docks/seaside ??

As for the famous cornes i woul like to see  turn 8 from instambul , stadium area from hockenheim ring ,  china/malaysia like first corners ,  valencia like circuit .

a nascar real track , but style post-apocalyptic

Mirror tracks? I mean... the same tracks in reversed direction?


Anyone suggested it before?

It should be very interesting...


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