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todays update

todays update is very nice, but i cant play now.


if you open the chat before a race, it blocks your controls so you cant move

(lost a load of pre race tuning twice due to this)


also, i am getting the lowest framerate i have ever had since starting the game (havent changed my settings)

its basically unplayable now for me (although it says 60fps at the top) its all jerky and stuttery, and controls dont seem to work as they used to, just understeers into all the walls.

i have wasted a load of per-race tuning because of this too



yes its

Yes, I also can not play, i have constantly flashing images...



flashing images? can you screenshot it maybe and send us a ticket with the GUI.log please:


Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Agree, i can play but i had to lower my details, and the game stutters much more than before. As always, only on races, HL works fine. I like the GUI though.

We're investigating the problem, thanks for your reports guys, please send us a ticket with your DXdiag.txt and GUI.log file, your game graphical settings and your actual performances with 6 players on the track (fps).

Thanks ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

About the Race Chat, ChongMcBong, C key should open/close it and ENTER key should put the focus on it. Hence, if u just use the C cause you like to have it opened all the race, you should have not problems about racing.

Or did I misread?

Alessandra Pollini - QA

"C" doesnt seem to do anything, maybe i remapped it, im not sure.

the lag seems a bit better today, but i cant turn my settings down any more, i was playing at 1920x1080 before the update, and it was ok, i am now using 1280x720, and its still lagging (i cant go any smaller as my screens don't support it)


also, if you move the mouse during a race, it lags so bad, its impossible to control...

(im using a joypad for input, not sure if that affects it)

i have accidentally knocked the mouse a few times during races today, and the lag has killed the race completely  - straight to the scene of the accident, and into last place :(


about the chat bug, i think i pressed enter to open chat, and it opens the text entry thing, and stops all other inputs working. its caught me out a few times, but im sure i will get used to it :)


keep up the good work devs, Victory is excellent, and is showing good progress :)

some of those reports are strange because for me personally my fps has doubled since the update. One thing I have noticed is the way the cars handle seems to have changed a little bit. I'm noticing the steering is more responsive and had to adjust some of my settings to accomidate. Anyone else notice that one?

i noticed that the understeer into a wall thing even when ive turned up the oversteer it still  seems to understeer. chong and i have the same video card but my monitor supports from 600x800 all the way up to 1680x1050.currently running in 1024x768 game res, and it seems fine and frame rates seem about the same 50 to 60 fps during the race.was running in 1280x1024 and was missing ui sometimes. track and cars were there but not 1 peice of ui was showing.except while playing in windowed mode but then if u have any other communications programs running or if your untimly antivirus wants to check for updates or try to run a security scan or windows update cheks it pops up over game. (ie) you crash and by the time you get back your definitly in last lol so windowed is out of the question for me. really like the new ui set up

my fps is about the same - but i have almost everything set to low anyway.

One thing I did notice was the stutter.  It got better when I turned the mirror off.  I didn't look for the fps at the time but it got a lot smoother.


Hey, I reinstall the game and now I work as before

Thx for the info guys, we are investigating on it and more info we could have, easier will be.

The new GUI should lower your FPS for 5 max, with the same setting, nomore.


@Chong: go in Options --> Game --> Keyboard Shortcuts and check what key you have on 'Chat'

@Cagey: yes, putting the mirror off will help a lot about fps, as well as turning off Vignette and Motionblur in the Video Options, as I could see on some screeshots them being enabled.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

After playing with the new patch some hours, that's what I think:

  • The new GUI for chat, friends, etc. is in my opinion very good, it's clear and has a good style. Also the HUD in the race is really good, and I like it more than the previous one.

  • Some little advices on graphic elements: in a chat, the column showing drivers' names is too little, as most of the names are cut. Also, i don't like the spectator button in the race (it's bigger than the other buttons and has a different grey background), it would be better if the buttons have a transparent background.

  • Performance issues: after reinstalling the game from scratch, fps went up a little; still, the game stutters a lot more than before, and in some parts in the long tracks with 5-6 drivers it's almost unplayable.. strange thing is that as always GUI elements and animated element of the track (like FF) are fluid even if the game is "lagging" (meaning that it has very little frames per second). That's true even after lowering the graphic details (I also deactivated Motion Blur as Alexa said)

  • Another bug, as Chong said i can confirm that frames per second have a big drop if I move the mouse during the race - without hovering some elements or clicking, just moving it.

Hope this feedback helps! I already sent the ticket with my config!

I still need to get used to the new GUI but in general I find it quite neat. The public chat is a bit in the way with all that flashing. During races I'm not really interested in what happens in the public chat and the flashing only distructs me. 

Most importantly you definetely have to do something with the in-race notification system. It causes lag and I'm not just talking about players that join the server in the middle of the race and make you hit the wall if you're not in a straight, but also the other  kind of notifications (last lap, black flag, etc).

after some more testing, i think this new system is quicker, im not sure what was slowing it down so much the other day.

i agree, the lag when somebody joins a race is a problem. i have crashed so many times due to the chunk of lag you get when a racer joins. it freezes the display for a few frames, and normally sends you into a wall :(

i haven't noticed much lag from other notifications, such as a player joining the server, or leaving the race, its just when they enter the race that it causes a problem.


the public chat notification is a little distracting, maybe chat notifications could be greyed out while a race is active to avoid distraction


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