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Suggestion: Underdog Bonus

While I know Victory's gameplay at present involves upgrading the car as much as the PI system will allow, there's not enough economical incentive to race with drivers far above their level outside of handicap races.

Hawken, a first-person shooter, has an "Underdog Bonus" that under-leveled players can earn by defeating (in their case killing) enemies above their level.

We can incorperate this in two ways for Victory: Underdog PI Bonus and Underdog Driver Bonus at the end of the race.

Here's an example line-up (with made-up driver tags):

  • PrincessArc, PI 60, Level 35
  • Hisui, PI 0, Level 5
  • MagicalAmber, PI 45, Level 20
  • VermillionRed, PI 24, Level 12
  • BurialAgent, PI 0, Level 60

So from this list, PrincessArc is immediately not eligible for the Underdog PI Bonus because her car has too high a PI, and that BurialAgent can't get the Underdog Driver Bonus because his level is (way) too high.

And here's how the example race goes:

  1. VermillionRed
  2. BurialAgent
  3. Hisui
  4. PrincessArc
  5. MagicalAmber

We can probably find a reasonable GC bonus earned by beating each of the racers from the if-else and formula (with some adjustments) below:

if ( PlayerLevel < RivalLevel )

GC = ( 2 * ( RivalLevel - PlayerLevel ) ) + ( RivalLevel * 0.5 )


GC = RivalLevel * 0.5

From this statement, VermillionRed earned 122 GC from beating down BurialAgent, 66 for disgracing PrincessArc, 26 for humiliating MagicalAmber, and a paltry 3 GC for inevitably owning Hisui.

We can use the below statement (or something like it) for PI too.

if ( PlayerPI < RivalPI )

GC = ( 2 * ( RivalPI - PlayerPI ) ) + ( RivalPI * 0.5 )


GC = 0

From this statement, VermillionRed earned a PI bonus of 65 GC over MagicalAmber, and a further 102 from pounding PrincessArc down to the ground. However, VermillionRed earns nothing extra for beating Hisui or BurialAgent, because they have lower PIs than VermillionRed does.

We can adjust these formulas and their triggers further so that defeating more powerful opponents is not the only fulfilling condition for these underdog bonuses: perhaps finishing only mere seconds behind a 60 PI car while using a 0 PI car should yield a relatively high modifier, and by extension, absolutely dominating (read: 20+ second gaps) an opponent while you're using an obsolete car should yield both achievements and massive bonus GC multipliers.

I can see a problem with a lot of drivers no longer investing any GC into tuning up their car, but since the underdog level bonus would still be there, fast-learning rookies would still be rewarded... even if not as much.

With the next update, PI is no longer a factor, the cars will come with 60 PI and if I read the dev updates correct, you then assign it how you want it accordingly.  Also, all classes of cars will be open to the new driver from the get go.

Don't get me wrong..its a good idea, but with the direction the dev's are taking things wouldn't work.


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