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Semi-Pro Days

So are you enjoying this promotion? do you like the semi-pro cars? we're here to read your feedbacks :D

We wanted you guys to be able to test the Semi-Pro cars and read your feedbacks :)

Would you like to see also a Pro Days Promotion to test the Pro Cars next week?

It's a really good opportunity to get to work with the other cars, especially for a guy like me who's got too much stuff on his plate to grind his way up.
I actually can't wait to get my hands on this 'team' thing you dropped something about a while back, I'm not a driver kind of guy you see, I'm more interested in making stuff drivable.

The promotion is great, thanks. Obviously a Pro Days Promotion would be even better! :D


However, I encountered a problem, which is not a bug: in the making of the car, lots of blocks don't fit very well with other ones, and I'm not talking about how well a block stays with another, which is arguable, but how well the edges match. This problem is present also in the rookie class, but it's not as evident as in the semi-pro class.

Another problem is that if you are right behind a car that have a big spoiler (#15 and #1) you can't see anything, especially those marks (III II I) that predict a turn.

semi days are here! and pro round the corner? tis fun.umm how many semi's are we allowed to make for free? i noticed that it seems possible to make as many as you want, maybe stick a limit on it.

I agree with the limit, one or two would be more than enough!

Also, i did not notice the not-fitting blocks, but i noticed the thing with big spoilers - and it's impossibile to look back with rear view at the same time. But these are more suggestions, I think that the promotion is good!

For semipro also, i'm already at 42 so I drove it, i would like at bit more differentiation on the car's console - it seems just a powered-up Rookie car (to understand, look at the completely different cockpit of the pro!). I understand that the reference time periods are close, but some minor differences would be fine imho!

And no, please don't add a limit, I enjoy having a lot of different cars.

There is already a limit and it's to 25 cars.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Oh no D:

When the semipro days will end? D:

good idea i liked it.pro days r nice also but i cant play due to crashing only does it in pro bummer..... wish u would do a golden oldies days and make some special 30's 40's cars :O)

30s and 40s cars would be pretty cool,

and maybe a rerun of semipro and pro days in a few weeks, as there seems to be a good supply of new players :)



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