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2 weeks ago I was broke at Rock Island Magneta my time  1.43.983, it it appeared  in Ranking Hotlap, but now instead of my new time , is back the old time.


That's because the PB that you see is the one set with the car you are using. Maybe you set the WR with a different car.

Nope, it's a different problem.. I also saw that when I played Hot Lap and WRs was made by Experemental, then i checked the rankings and it presented his old time (in fact, in RI magenta his best time is the PB shown in that screenshot). Maybe it's a bug related to the fixes the devs were making to the Rankings (they still have some problems like wrong cars, wrong PIs, etc.)

Actually, none of the rookie RI HL world records match up to the individual times.






Well Experemental, we only fixed this tab and here all the WRs should be ok. Still have some issues on this tab and there the times are still the old ones.

The fact that you have 2 Rookie cars (n° 5276 - 5823) almost identical was not helping (could just recognize the car by the tires) . ;) So Capa was right there: you have done the WR with the 5823 and the screenshot was done while racing with the 5276.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Hehe, took a bit to make the post and meanwhile Cagey answered too: yes, that issue will be fixed soon. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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