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race lag/latency

4 drivers and lag is so bad i cant steer. FIX IT ALREADY!

 its been a problem for a year.wtf. 3 weeks agao there were 60 players on line . what do you think drove them away????? maybe it was poor game play?? down to 15 -20 players now.i still like this game .but i have to stay in a 3 drivers race and leave when 4th player shows up.  and 6 drivers in a race forget it no way.

Unfortunately it is true what it he says, I already I said the mine in another discussion, however another good idea would be able to be that of to change the skin of the cars rendendole more to read.  You need a lot more tracks, fix lag, and possibilities for race with 15-20 people

another exapmle is 1..2..3..GO! i punch it the pack leaves the line then my screen freezes. un frozen screen im still at start line now lap timer says 10'000 and all the aothers cars are 10.000 sec ahead of me lol man come on what am i doing wrong? all video is lowest setting no other programs running. i really need an honest ansewer. is this till your gui problem? also when im near other driver(s) on coures the lag increases. is this because of other countries internet not messing whith other countries for game? is there a UI reset i can use in game? i still love this game i just want to race better with 5 other drivers on course.

Same problem here, when i play with other 2 people it's all ok, but when a race has 4 or more people i have high lag and sometimes freeze for 3 or 4 seconds. Tell me what you need to know about my computer or my connection, if I can be of help to solve this problem.

my system info is listed in another posting and it was determined that my system is compatable

This is my speed test, I play other online games and I've never had problermi of lag so do not think that my connection is the problem. If you also need to know the specs of my pc tell me.

my ping is 34-45 normaly low to mid 40's

Hello guys,

as reported on other threads, we are preparing a big patch of optimizations that should be ready within 2 months and should fix this problem. After that, if someone will still experience any kind of freezes/big drop of fps then would be really helpfull knowing the specs of the pc, cause is more related to that rather than the connection.

Thx for your patience. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

that would be sweet. getting info fro a dev is very helpfull. thank you

I noticed the FPS drop from 90 to 45 fps in a race for an unknown reason and in the lobby I'm in the range of 150-980 fps.

This is maybe related to this issue.

I own an Asus ATI Radeon 6950 2GB with a 1080P HD 24" screen.

OS: win 7 Ultimate

General Spec: Intel I5-2500k 3.6ghz, 8gb of ram.

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I think (sorry for my english), that game have more lags after a few races... If i have much of lags - i quit the game (to windows desktop) and start it again... i think - after restart game - i have less lags or no lags...

A lot of the lag seems to occur with server messages that pop up during the races..server joins, or leaving server, black flag pop ups etc.  Causes a very brief screen freeze.  I think you've got a video memory leak causing the issue.  


I run a 6 cor 6.2 ghz amd processor on an amd chipset, 10 gig ram, ati radeon 7870, 2 tb hdd, after about 5 or 6 races I have to shut the client down and restart..this clears up the lag/freeze issue from the pop ups for another 5-6 races.


don't know if that helps..



On average my fps is around 35. Very old PC... I get outrageous lag...

you should think about getting a new pc loll mine run 55-65 fps in race with 2GB GPU

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

Heh, I'm pretty sure you don't have a 2GB CPU. :P

Anyway, I've been having some lag problems that are different than what other people mentioned. Basically what happens, is that client prediction causes people to ram into me. What I see is someone swerving into me and knocking me off the road (or at least causing me to lose a lot of speed). I presume that what's happening is they make a tiny adjustment, and I don't get any further information from the server for 500ms or so. This will cause them to move several feet over to the side and hit me, when in reality they changed their direction after moving to the side very slightly. Then I get more information from the server, including their new position... but the damage is done, the theoretical client-predicted car has already rammed me and slowed me down.

In fact, this has plagued most online racing games I've played. The only solutions are to turn collision off, or for the server to tell the client what my real position would have been if he hadn't hit me- which would cause me to appear to be rammed, then jump back in place, not really ideal either.

...Or, maybe you could have the client "ghost" cars that don't update after 50ms or so- then what you'd see is them clipping through you but not causing you to move, and then popping back into place. The downside to that is that if you move into their real position while they are "ghosted", the server sends its update and now you're both occupying the same space- the server would either have to force you to magically jump apart, or you have situation the physics engine entirely wasn't designed to handle- that's liable to either bring you both to a hard stop or send you flying in some direction.

In other words: I hate lag, it makes me want to avoid collision-enabled servers.

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