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Questions by betazzzz

Hey dev, how we can play by steam?

i have steam installed on my pc, we have to connect steam account and victory account correct?




xtekmultigaming beta testar are ready to test it :-)

Yes you need to get an activation key from here (when its opened)  http://victorythegame.com/steamreedem   hopefully very soon, then follow the instructions in that link, then you're good to go:)   wont be long now!

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Not very soon! Still, I guess it will be available by today (I hope)!

ok ok we can wait another day hehehe

Cerchiamo Players!

Release of steam keys have been delayed by 1 day (Feb 5th).

Why Hello There.

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