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New Social bar

Can I remove the social bar during the race...


Uh? What you mean, Ivek? What do you wanna remove? and why, please?

Alessandra Pollini - QA

I think he means that those bars are OK, but it would be nice if those bars would disappear while you're actually driving.

Like i.e. when your car is moving faster than 30km/h both of the bars would just move out of sight, off the screen. And then they come back when you slow down to less than 30km/h.


just like yardstic say ,means that they can during the race to remove social bar (drivers, friends, invites, RX ..)
I think my game is lagging and freezing(frezze picture about 1-2 second during race) becouse social bar, before i play game on 1370x720, now i cant play on 1024x680....


Sorry for my english....

usk esrb_rp

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