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my ping right now is 33 . my racing is bad. screen freezes even while racing solo is bad.  every pop up in a GP hot lap freezes screen . my car does not move but my lap time increases by 3 to 12 secs. so i have to do several laps to get a lap that does not have a pop up in it telling me someone entered or left race. public race with just 3 is bad for the freeze screen , and a full race with 6 no way. ive been told my pc specs are fine. nothing else running but game. is there a way i can decrease my latency? or is it due to your server? i like this game i really do but racing is poor for me, wont spend a dime on it untill i can race smooth. i know it beta but come on. or maybe its because im in U.S.A and im too far from your server.  a few honest answers are needed please.

Hello dikfitzer,

the freezes that some players are experiencing are related to some hardware configurations and to our GUI. 

If you are noticing the freezes also when playing in the HotLap, as I could read on the other post you made, and specially when something pops us, then is not related to the latency, also if you should explain me better what is the meaning you are giving to the 'latency' word. Anyway, getting freezes also in the HotLap means is something related to what I wrote before.

We are trying to fix the 'messages-pops up' issues, gui side, as fast as possible and we will do some fixes related to the game updates within 2 patches, that should make everything more stable.

We are evalutating every info you are giving us and would like to thank you also about it!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

latency, i called it lag and an answer to one of my posts called it latency. seems like one in the same. very odd tho that screen freezes and my car does not move but the lap counter will increase from 3 to 12 secs. other games that lag was an issue with at times the screen freezes for a moment but my charactor has advanced and gone over cliff or be stuck at a wall. thank you for your answers. i look forward to next 2 patches


ty jamjam195

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