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Lag when popups appear

I have noticed i get really bad lag when popups appear telling me who has joined a race or left or who won, its only for a couple of seconds but it can be enough to make me lag off the track and hit the barrier which slows me down. There is no option to turn these popups off, how can i stop this from happening?

I am on Windows 7 64bit with a 1.8Phenom Quad Core, 4 gig ram and a Nvidia 9200GS graphics card. I can play the game on high graphics or low graphics and i get the same result when ever a pop up appears i lag. 

This is an old issue that we hope to see fixed after the game optimization (which is being done right now by the developers). So for the moment you can't do much but wait. 

i have the same issue as Thirza , thats really annoying to get freeze moments specially when the race is tight :|

Had the moments, but I have to say, its been way worse before.

Last time I had em, it was always after some time and then in races with more than 4 ppl in it.

Memory leak?...Netmessage buffer leak?...Growth in some DS related to broadcasting msg's?

last time i raced, i had a slideshow in the race))

usk esrb_rp

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