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get more xp and money in semi-pro and pro

could you please add more xp and gears to semi-pro and pro because as you progress in the game you should earn more and not stay with the same income.

if you come first out of six in semi-pro you should get 600 gears

and in pro 1200 or 1000 gears.


i hope you like this :)

I would like this, but the prices in the market are very low - if they give us even more money, we will find us with loads of money, then from where the devs would have profits? :D

Maybe an adjustment would be cool - less reward than now in rookie, same in semipro and more in pro, so the average would be the same than now!

During this Beta1 we're balancing the economy of the game and there will be some adjustaments for sure before Beta2. Basically we're watching you guys leveling up and spending so we can tune up market prices, racing/achievements rewards, etc.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

You guys might want to add either more stuff to the market, or raise the prices of the stuff that's already there.  I've got 535k gears and I don't need to buy anything.  I could buy the Widgets but I don't really use them.

Not everyone did 100 WRs :D

Is it not enough that you need less time in higher classes?

When you can earn much more in higher classes, the most advanced players only drive in pro class to get simply more G/XP. Actually it's the case because you are faster, but it's not so extreme like higher bonus.


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