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Gears Credit Rewards for Quick Races reduced?

I've looked around a bit and can't find a topic on this. Apologies if one's been made and I just missed it.


I may be wrong about this, but the Gears Credit rewards for Quick Races seem to have been reduced. My recollection is that before the last patch the basic GC reward (ie. before bonuses) was about the same as the basic XP reward, if anything it was slightly higher. Now it's a lot less. I got 305 Basic XP for a race win, and something like 170 GC. It costs me 270 GC to put all my performance parts back to 100%, and that's with no PP spent in brakes. In 4 races this morning, with between 3-5 drivers, including two other 60PP cars, the most I made, including the 50GC no wrecks bonus was 230 GC. And I won 3 of those races. Even with a full field of 60 PP cars, I haven't been making much in the way of GC from races lately. Even if it's not necessary for me to 100% the car after each event (is it?), GC is still going to come in at a trickle, and you need a lot of it in this game.

Now I know there are other ways to make money, namely hotlaps and Live Events. But I haven't seen any Live Events in my last three play sessions (probably due to lack of numbers), and forcing people to do hotlaps just to make money means less people taking part in races against other people, which I personally don't think is the best idea.

Is this change intentional? And if so, what are other racers' opinions on it?

I'm fairly sure wonder bonuses aren't applying to GC. I'll recheck next time I'm playing, but all I saw this morning was the basic GC & 50 GC for no wrecks, on a car that has a 40% wonder bonus.

The economy is still a working in progress and devs are studying the situation and tune every aspect of it. That said, it's really not necessary to repair your car every race. You can do it when all attributes go down by 1. Someone is even waiting tfor -2 before doing a full repair, and this doesn't affect their performance very much.

One other option to save money when it comes to repairing, is to buy the +0 widgets in bulk packs of 10 or more from the market.   

<p><font face="Times New Roman" size="3">How would you like to be freinds and can you tell me how to start a race?

join a room and if a race is started all option to join are disabled you will see the button in top with a "race checked flag" or simply a button in the racer list said "join the race" you must wait till the next race start (After a loading).

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I noticed this too, the Gear Credit rewards compared to the cost of repairing car wear and tear are very prohibitive. If you're a new driver who can't win in the one server that has people because they're all 60pp, not only are you just racing around the track to lose, you're also losing money to do it.

From lvl 1-10 race in the driving school room 0-30 P.I. race after that open a private (PW protected) room and bring as much player as you can of your level so you will have more chance to win.

More we are in a race room higher is the XP and th GC gain when you finish in the top 3.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

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