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Feedback: Current Achievement rewards are poor incentives

Most of the achievement rewards come with performance-enhancing widgets, which boost a car's performance beyond its stated PI level.

I don't like Widgets at all. It's pure pay to win, and it's extremely unrewarding for me to win against my opponents simply because I 'paid' more. I have lots of Widgets, and I never use them. I can't throw them away for a little GC, or put them on an auction house, or anything like that.

So what does the game do when I do something even slightly cool or mildly interesting to track? Oh, the achievements give me WIDGETS. Sometimes more than ONE.

It would be like if Hawken threw basic, crappy internals (ability adders) at me for their in-game achievements.

Instead, all achievements should instead cough up GC, GC boosters, or even small (very small, say 2 or 5 VG) amounts of Victus Gold for these achievements.

"Why, Ai-chan, why? I like being able to knock off a good 2 to 7 seconds off my normal lap times on Ark One Magenta from time to time!" I'll tell you why: because you can choose what to do with your GC/VG.

With GC/VG, you can buy:

  • A new car
  • PI points
  • Engines and tires
  • Visual accessories
  • Performance-enhancing consumable items ("Widgets")

So you can do far more cool things with GC/VG rewards than a Widget will, because GC is what you use to buy widgets anyway: why not reward players with GC/VG instead?

usk esrb_rp

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