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Event: Championships

I think that one of the major issues of this game is to keep players interested in racing on daily basis.

A cool way to improve addictment to the game imho could be to interlace races between them.

So I came with the idea of championships, that can be made both in the casual or in the hardcore way.




Just make them a new type of event accesible throught the live events lobby. Championships could be of a number between 3 and 15 races (this assuming all the available circuits will be used), so they can last 15 minutes to about 1 or 2 hours.

  • Race laps could be from 3 per race to 5. At the end of each race every player that finish it earn points.
  • Example: 1st 9 points, 2nd 6 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3 points, 5th 2 points, 6th 1 point.
  • New players could enter at the beginning of each race.
  • Points of whom took part to more than one race will be obviosly summed up.
  • At the end of the championship gold, silver, and bronze medal will be assigned with rewards in gears and widgets.




These have to be held on weekly or monthly basis and are structured to involve as many players as possible but clearly addressed to the fastest and more regular ones. Schedule of the championship will be spread throught newsletter, facebook and forum at the start of the week/month.

Qualyfing could last 1 or 2 days, while the semifinals and the final of a race have to been held in one evening.



  • For every scheduled race, a dedicated Hotlap Championship will be started to establish who are the fastest that obtain a spot for the race. To involve more than six players each race, every race could be run through 2 semifinals, or maybe 3 (if only the first and the second will be allowed to participate to the final). This way 12 to 18 players will be involved in the races.
  • Only the qualified players will be able to see and participate the championship race. A timer will be shown with the countdown to the race start.


  • Only the final gives points for the championship.
  • Races have to be quite long: 10 laps for the semifinals and 20 for the final for example.
  • Since semifinals and the final are unique, a long waiting/preparation time has to be set before race, like 5 or 10 minutes.
  • To make the system flexible, if anyone of the qualified players is not online at the moment of the race, the fastests qualifiers not in the top 12/18 that are online at the moment of the race can access it via last minute call. Since these championships are dedicated to the most addicted players this could be a minor issue, also considering that the semifinals should be run with less than six players.

Hey Mascalzone!

Thanks for your advices, it's interesting to see that we're already developing something really similar to what you suggest. We'll release during the summer a new version of the game that will hugely improve the player experience and also we're developing a new league system based on players created championships.

Stay tuned guys!

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

like this idea, but for finals, i think make 4 palyers for one server and not 6.. like:

3 semifinals (12 players) 10 laps (4*3 or 3*4 players for server)

1 final (4 players) 20 laps...


and if event is partecipate by a lot of players

16 quarter (64 players) 5 laps or 16 quarter (48 players) 5 laps (4 or 3 per server)

3 semifinals (12 players) 10 laps (maybe there, 1st place pass turn, and the better second arrive in final like 4th player..)

1 final (4 players) 20 laps...




Cerchiamo Players!

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