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Client crashes

I'm having these a lot.

Often this happens during races when new track is loading.
Or track is loaded and we're waiting the green light on grid.

Anyone else?


Win7 home
4gb memory
nVidia GTX 460

Often running Fraps, Teamspeak3, Firefox and GBoost at the same time with Victory. Though I havent notice any difference in amount of crashes if these are running or not.



Yep, we're all experiencing this i guess, you often see that some players quit the server at the beginning of a race, that's due to crashes. They're working on that, and the situation got better, but still there's space to improve :D

me too. Sometimes when i join online im having crashes

here, the same problem with a little difference..I cant quit the normaly...it crashes when i hit quit

It's best to have as few programs running in the backround as possible, at least for now. While many of these crashes are not due to backround programs - backround programs will increase the chances of a crash until the issues are fixed in future patches... plus when reporting a crash it's a lot easier to rule out backround program interference if they aren't running.

usk esrb_rp

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