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cannot connect to server

I got an invite to a race and it told me i couldn't connect to the server.  In the client.log, it looks like the nat traversal failed.

17:14:07:  Remote guid: 310748378917081229
17:14:12:  Connected to nat server.
17:14:18:  Open nat failed. 68
17:14:18:  Clear.
17:14:30:  Remote guid: 310748378917081229
17:14:35:  Connected to nat server.
17:14:40:  Open nat failed. 68
17:14:40:  Clear.

numen.log seems suprisingly empty at that time

17:13:51: Extract rockisland/icons/world_RI_thumb.swf from archive ./resources/locations/rockisland.npk.
17:14:06: Set Scene: LobbyScene
17:14:18: Server Kaanaltinay'S RACE restriction: 0
17:14:41: Server Kaanaltinay'S RACE restriction: 0
17:16:31: Set Scene: MainMenuScene


Thx for reporting it Cagey, will investigate more after these few holiday's days.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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