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Bugs report

I did more than 50 races with top regularity... but still didn't get my regularity god achievement... this can be fixed?



Seven World Records done!

Six of them on pro (still there)

One on semipro (Primus already beat this one)


But I don't receive any achievement for them. There are someway to fix it?



I did 108 hotlaps in Art One Red in a row. But my achievements stopped on lap 10. Since this, no matter how many hotlaps I do, I don't receive anymore for this. It's stopped. Bugged.


There are some way to fix it?

Hi Senne,

I merged the three topics into a single one to keep the things ordered, I also moved them into the Beta Testing section, where they belong.

As for the achievements, i'm trying to help you based only on what you wrote: the top regularity achievement is based on CONSECUTIVE races, it means that you have to do 50 races in a row with top regularity (i don't know if 50 races in one gameplay session or 50 races making pauses), without going offroad or else. Regarding the Hot Lap achievement, also that one is based on consecutive laps: you don't need to do 100 laps, but 100 regular laps (AND under the challenge threshold) without exiting the hot lap in between.

About the World Record achievement, two explainations are possibile: the first one is that WRs are counted when they are set under a certain threshold given by the developers (we don't know what is it, but it's made to avoid easy WRs achievements), so maybe even if you set the World Record that time has not beaten the objective time for the achievement. The second explaination is that at the moment achievement progress is lost when you exit the game: it means that to have the 2 (or 5, 10 etc) World Records achievement you must set both of them without quitting the game, if you set for example 9 and you exit the game, the next one will NOT give you the 10 WRs achievement. But if you have set 7, and did not get any World Records achievement, then the first explaination is the correct one.

Thanks for trying to help, M3Honsho!


Really, I didn't race 50 consecutive races because I need to restart to minimize lag effects. But I got the point.


But I believe the HL achievement bug is a true one, since I really did 108 consecutive laps in Artik One Red. It's very easy to do it because that track is very short. But I didn't receive nothing after lap 10. And when I try again, still nothing. So, it's progression really is stopped for me.


I did four WR today, in a long but single session (about 2 hours of racing), running with Rafaelbessa and Correcaminos. My car is a 70pi one, and it's hard to belive I didn't reach the thresholds... the previous records were made by Pivonius, Violentbob and Pujalski, and I don't know if it didn't work for them...   :/

Well, for the HL achievement maybe it was a lag or sync problem, because it worked fine for me instantly (i did a full 100 laps reaching level 10 challenge and it gave me all the achievements), maybe you can try doing again 10-20 laps to see if now it works; it's strange since it's the first report of that bug.

As for the WR, actually I understood what you did, and that's the problem: it's not written in the description, but WRs have to be set in Hot Lap! Doing WRs in quick race mode unfortunately does not unlock anything for the moment!

The WR achievements don't work in HL either.  I've never got the 2 WR achievement even though I've set 2 in a session several times and I find it hard to believe I didn't go under the threshold with records already set by iceman, m3, pivonius, capabomba.

If the threshold is relative to the current WR (e.g. more than 5% faster than current WR), then there's no point even trying as established records are going to be impossible to beat by that much without cheating.

Alexa said they'd be working on the WR/PB bugs so the achievement titles would become available http://www.victorythegame.com/comment/1459#comment-1459

Nope, they said it's a fixed threshold.. so it's the achievement not working. The situation must have worsened, because i did get the 5 WRs achievement, so I assumed that it's still working. As i'm seeing that with you did records with semipro, i got under the time limit only on one of them (and i had lot of records on semipro), the title i have was obtained with rookie records.

Exactly now, I did 22 consecutive HL in Artik One Red again... still didn't receive the 20 lap achievement... bug confirmed!


For the WR achievement... now I see... the thing is worse than expected...  :/


Thanks again, M3honsho, for try to help me.

I did my job of reporting bugs. Now it's up to you. Please, continue to develop this game which I love.

No problem, we're here to report, sorry for the HL achievement but I didn't knew it was broken, it must have happened with the latest patch..

Hey Senne, just did some tests in HL, Artik one Red, with 2 different 'new' users and got the achi completed, so atm can't really understand where is the bug.

Are you sure you get into Challenge Level 3, on the HotLap Challenge window on the bottom left?

Will investigate more, meanwhile; thx for reporting it!


EDIT: as I could see, you got the HL 10laps completed! on 13th February, 3.11 server time, and you got only 55/100 % on HL 20laps completed! achievement. 

Could you please test it again and do a screenshot when your Challenge Level is setted on 3 and post here? Thx! :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

...   ...   ...

OMG... I got it now... the Hotlap Challenge window was closed... I didn't know the challenge returns to level one each time the wall is touched... so is it...


For sure, the single real bug is only the WR achievements... nothing more to report.   :P


Alessandra Pollini - QA

Lal xD

Follow up to this as I got the 2 WR achievement unlocked.  It's worse than quitting the game - you can't even leave the track you're on.  If you change tracks, it resets the progress. 

Which leads to the next question, will it unlock the achievement if you do it twice in the same race? 

I did a new world record on rookie, fort fast yellow, but still get the achievement. The worst thing: I get an "pushbestlap call failed" message. Since then, I get the same message at each new PB... but the record still there, at least.

I couldn't get the right message, but I did some hotlaps today and a similar message appears:











1,47477, 27896,0,0.");





There are some way to fix it?

Someone from VV has to fix it.  They need to create the partition to hold the day's hotlap stats. 

Fixed, thx for reporting it.

Alessandra Pollini - QA


so was playing today and when it came time to replenish car's attributes all my gc disappeared in game..went to 0..wierd part..still shows on the site..more wierd..I can't build up any gc in game..it doesn't show up



usk esrb_rp

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