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Bug: Stuck on track after race

First forum post from me. Enjoying the game quite a lot so far but come across a bug.

While racing on the Fort Fast Blue circuit, I was in second after the lead had finished the race. I crossed the line exactly as the time out counter hit 0, setting a personal fastest lap at the same time, and the game remained on track for I think every player in the race instead of progressing to the results screen.

I had noticed the host was shown on the mini map to still be on the grid but I never saw him when I went by, or his name badge (the one that hovers over him during a race) at any point. I'm not sure if my finishing the race as the count down hit 0 threw up the bug or the host's apparent disappearance but I've been sat here for about 5 minutes with nothing happening (I'm not stuck, just sat here seeing if something happens)

Keep up the good work.

[edit] just noticed I don't have the option to leave the session normally.

I had to alt-tab out and shut the game down from the task manager before I could get back in (from where I played for a while). Would it be too late to use those log files now?

Hello Wildfire and welcome! :)

Well, will try to replicate it, thank you for the report.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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