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[BUG?] Brahn Engine and Live Events

Greetings drivers!

I would like your help to verify what I observed tonight. I'm using a Brahn lv20 engine on my Rookie Car, and I joined a few Super GPs with it. As the races started, every time my car was struck in the low-range RPM until other drivers had already a couple of seconds of advantage. As they were 0 PI events, I thought it was the setup, but it was not the cause; then I guessed that having 0 power makes the car so slow that the engine cannot give instantly power as it should do, but unfortunately this was NOT the case, since I lastly raced in a normal Super GP and the behaviour at the beginning of the race was the same (keep in mind that I used the same setup than in Quick Race mode and this is NOT happening normally).

So, to anyone who has the lv20 Brahn (and maybe other levels Brahn), did you experience the same thing in Super GPs?

Now that you mention it I think I experienced it too yesterday but I thought it was somehow my fault. I'll keep an eye on this too.

Happening to me time after time.

The Brahn engines could be that slow with 0PI as you said in power.  Not just super GP's, but hotlap and quick race might do the same.

Yes, I acknowledge that, and it would be a correct explaination; the problem is that the same behaviour occured on a full PP event (so with a 60 PI car) and the same setup as in a quick race, while the engine stall doesn't happen normally. That's why I thought of a bug (and it is, at least in this case).

Well, I can confirm it all, but it's not really a 'bug', it's more like his problematic behavior. Having a low torque at low RPMs, in the cases where u have no added power, like 0PI or even handicap races with handicaps up, it becomes unbalanced and can't work as it should.

We will re-balance all the engines soon. Thx!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

As I stated before I kinda expected that, still the fact that it occured also when the car had 60 PP it's strange since in quick races it's not like this (and I had the same setup). Thanks for the answer, I agree that the engines have to be reworked (Brahn at the moment is superior if you can handle the low RPMs), but I felt like explaining my thoughts!

I think isn't that. It appears that this bug shown only when you put some widgets on car.

I never put any widgets on the events, so it's not this. Maybe it happens only in certain conditions, more testing is necessary.

Same thing here. Occurred a couple times today in 0PI live events without using any widgets.

I have the same problem in every kind of race, every time i start the race.

I use a PI60 car, no widget and Brahn engine.


Same here...

Now i'm using Muldoch engine....same problem.

Only hotlap is free by this bug in all the other kind of races i can't start like other players.

Never had this problem before the last patch.

We are looking at.

Thx for report! :-)



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