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something has happened to the "Open Formula" server. it shows 1 player from the race lobby, but gets stuck when you try to enter.  When joining the server, it shows other users joining, and a loading page, but does not load the server, just sticks on "loading" - i think the server might need a restart or something :P

To add onto Formula servers bugging out, when joining and a race is in progress. When the race finishes you go to the results screen but it's blank (no leaderboard or timer). Only way to get back into the server and actually play is by leaving server and rejoining before race starts.


Doesn't happen on any Legend or Classic servers.

Why Hello There.

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There is a terrible lack (or should I say complete absence) of Formula events which make it impossible to achieve some of the career goals about Hotlap parties for example.

True formula event is missing I haven't seen any formula event yet and i'm playing every day when I'm back home.

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That's because formula class suffering from the serious bug of losing fps at some players. There would be unfair battle.

I don't think that's the reason why there are no formula events. The FPS dropping is still an important issue though.

Rich racer career goal say "Spare 25k GC". It's better to say "Earn 25k GC with your team car" or "25k GC earned".

Still bug with lap time ( seriously!?) World record for Classic, in race for RI blue, is not likely with that car, even he was put +5 all attributes.


Also about this "old-new" bug you can read here

for some reason, it just let me buy all 3 career +70 cars, even though i have not quite finished any of the career sections yet.

feel free to take those 3 cars from me if it is going to cause a problem - i assume it will mess up the end of the career if i already have the prize...

alternative link to image: http://gyazo.com/514278e31118a8e842cea5f51fb4295d


I confirm i had a private message about that.

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There's a problem with Race points not counting against this week's special event. Not all my hlp race points has been added to my statistics. Hlc does not add at all, not reward for each lap nor reward for personal best time.

Minor text error found in the market when you click on gears Credits pack you wish, beside the buy button in the item description we read "Geras Credits" instead of "Gears Credit" nobody pay attention to it but I found it!!!

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the "open formula" server has crashed again :(

G1 G0 Formula server now missing completely and open legend server frozen


yesterday had a lot of pop up error messages during races, save stats, and car body error messages.  Today had none.  Pop up lag has returned with a vengeance and fps hits in formula still



it keeps putting me facing the wrong way at the start of races, and unable to move, forcing me to quit and waste widgets :(


also, the pop-up notifications are causing really severe fps drop and lag, i think this problem really needs fixing before it goes on steam


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Different engine spec is missing, Stock engine has the same spec as the Top Engine Something must be wrong why would i waste my Gear Credit on a top engine when my stock one has the same.

Any other engine of the same RPM/Brand from the lower to the top model has the same specification which make me a little upset when i own some top engine that i paid for and their spec are the same as the stock one.

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It has been reported to me, that the hotlap challenge counter is faulty. The user Stress4urass has said he has twice completed the 100 laps challenge (no mistakes), but the counter remains on 80 laps done. I guess this makes the 100 lap achievement impossible:(

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D


- Starting an Hotlap Challenge (Solo), sometimes the timer starts when we start the event, not when we reach the lane.
- Graphic glitch on the shadow that appears randomly (the shadow under the car appear and disappear fast)

- The Gallara Group 2 Carrer Mission ''Regular Driver'' doesn't count regular races (tryed almost times)

- In the Hotlap Challenge (Solo) the Valid Laps counter sometimes resets randomly (doing all regular laps, at the 7th lap it reset to 0)

So during a race someone got too close to my left rear tire and at first contact sent my car into a high flying barrel roll over a barrier. It looked like I was going to hit a cliff, but as soon as I hit it I was sent into an infinite barrel roll which took me for a nice tour of Rock Island. My car was tossed all over the skies, the track, and even underneath. Jackie Stewart would be quite upset about the safety concerns presented with this bug. However, I did survive the wreck so that is a testement to the safety of these race cars =D

yeah well latency is a huge issue in this case I'm myself a victim with my wireless connection.
Hope they will do some change to it just like a lag detector so your car turn in ghost to us when you are too close or we see you go front and back lagging. I'm not saying you lag but just explaining how it could be fixed I don't like collision enabled race for these reason.

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This appens every time i try to do an Hotlap Challenge. While setting a new personal best (or completing a lap with regularity) this error windows appears. Otherwise, the RP and GC for the completed lap/personal best were not added to my account.

It's a couple of days that this happens to me, and it happens with every car, every group/class and every track.


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