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so thats why there's some guys out there with 70 PI cars first day..hmmm



Ok, i just need a confirm from someone that selected Team Silber. Only team Rumble for legend class has its Elite car available from scratch, and for Classic class it all works as intended. For the two Formula class team tested (Drake and Scorpion) car is locked as intended.

EDIT: confirmed that only Team Rumble is affected by this problem.

Siber 70PI car is locked as it should be.

Why Hello There.

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I have the rumble team for legend class as well.  And I can buy the 70 PI car.  Although it's slower than my 60 PI one.

For free, and sweet vinegar.
But I want to have to take part in the races. What kind of configs do not allow? What are the possible race? Patch will wait until ...

Per prova ho creato un nuovo account (Stratostest) il gioco con il nuovo account parte, è pieno di bug, spesso e volentieri si blocca tutto, ma parte.

Come mai usando il vecchio account il gioco non parte?

cordiali saluti

Here's a couple more..the Personal best for every track achievement..broken..I've got PB's on every track for that particular car (legends car 60 PI Gallardo team) I've checked every track we have available..they all have PB's

2nd..On loading in on some tracks I get this:

sound wise, you get the starter sound..no engine, no ability to steer, no throttle response, and I assume, no brake response..car is all black, no textures..and it looks like it has sank into the asphalt....


Old bug popped up again with Classic and Formula's engines. Each brand keeps the same characteristics as basic, super and top, so there is no real difference apart from the cost.


Entering hot lap party, seems to be causing LOADS of crashes...the game was updated at 10pm (GMT) never had a problem before that.  On a positive note, the double clicking issues have been fixed:)

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

post hotfix..1 out of 5 logins has successfully worked..rest crashed


The game crashes for me now when entering an event. I have been successful entering an event only after 4-5 tries.

Is the "Regular driver" goal in the career fixed now? How to complete it?

Post hotfix, 4 attempts to join live events = 4 game crashes


forgive my frankness, but this release is embarrassing!

I keep on receiving reports from Windows Xp (Sp 3) users that are unable to run the game.

I use windows 7 ultimate, and the game jumps every 2 rides and the old account does not start

I'm on windows 8 and it crashes any time I try to join an event


The Windows xp problem is a different matter I think because it comes with a specific error message while other crashes are most likely related to hardware incompatibility or other issue that will be hopefully fixed soon.

I wonder if there is a prize for the most crash reports sent....?


hahhhahahaha :)

Regular driver goal does still not work. Also I don't think the Rich racer goal works.

can confirm this isn't working, states complete 3 regular races, well i did that..and..nothing.


Post hotfix on 10/22, crash when entering hotlap from garage, crash in hotlap when clicking on setup button to adjust car setup. screen freezes when typing then sending a message in any chat, race, public or pm. Can enter events now no problem.  My normal fps is 62 fps in garage, when typing in chat it drops to 20's to 30s for a second then right back where it usually is: system specs for this machine

AMD Phenom black core edition 6 score cpu at 3.2 ghz per core

ATI radeon 7600 with 2 gig onboard vid memory

10 gig Ram

amd sound processor

2 tb hdd

I'll try it on the big pc in a minute

its specs are: same cpu

twin ati 7870s in crossfire total of 8 gb onboard vid memory.

Soundblaster sound card

16 gig ram

2 tb hdd

second machine results..same fps??? in crossfire I should be blowing my smaller pc away in fps..but getting exactly the same.  Is the crossfire support not enabled now?

still get the same freezes in chats. As this is a flight sim machine and not set up for a racing controller I can't really test in game too well but from the above results I would think the crashes would possibly occur at same spots..now these are intermittent and don't always happen but as both pcs are ati/amd based...?


I did not participate in the race, has come when it has already begun. Was a spectator. After the race, won the award for anything. And lowering Efficiency))

What a joke you have in the west. We bear in Red Square as a joke ...
На халяву и уксус сладкий, но халявной халявы на халяву не бывает.

I do not want to attribute non-existent merits. I'll take a seat, which is worthy, and I hope it will be above average.I became involved in the race and did not take off.

Thanks for the correction of large errors. Now you can leisurely fix small.

Pass my victory to others, I especially did not ask. I've got so little.

Those are actually errors in the message from the Racing Authority, you don't get that prizes, you have to check out the rewards screen at the end of the event to see the correct prizes. We're gonna solve this annoying bug asap.

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A very strong and I think that the executable, a desire: to appear in the index of the real dynamics of the race, including widgets and degradation. Moreover, that the use of widgets, the organizers of races clearly encouraged. To chat did not ask if I was using widgets and insulted in disbelief when I honestly say I have not used. Then had to make a joke that no widgets will never chase.

Just for info, even with the new patch my account "Stratos" is crashing at start

but ... now it crashes even with the test account at the start....

depressing ...

Some errands yesterday, today, only 2 races, while others took off before the start. It is hopeless to wait - it's never fix.

this one camo..is pure connection lag to the server..sorry man..but you weren't synching up good.  I've experienced and posted about your others though.


Whatever you all did this morning as far as a server update or whatever..umm..its worse, clicking on hotlap from garage my system completely hardlocked, couldn't get task manager nothing, had to force reset the pc.  Back to crashes during regular races too.



Idea, go back to the old version while trying to adjust the beta4?

we'd all have to uninstall and reinstall game clients strat..


Here's another for the list, running hotlap (personal, single player, not hotlap party) is causing car degredation once you enter a regular race server.  I set pb's in a team car for every track, then went into race server and immediate degredation before even running a race of every attribute on the car...ummm HUH?


I do not think it is a serious injury to re-install the game, but at least there would be fewer bugs and the team would have more time to fix the beta 4

In my case, I can not play with my account where I have a lot of credit and gold, so many cars etc ... because the game crashes at the start, I lost pleasure in the "try" to play

million reports, email to developers, nothing ...
I fully understand that they are super-busy, the game is really awkward with all these bugs

even if the game I love, I can not play!
wait a few more days, then erase all

strat..when you are logged in under your working acct, watch for the dev's.  They have been logging in to the client to check fixes I think.  Saw tAAt this morning.  Just PM one of em and see what they say.


I have not received any response to my pm, I also gave my availability by the remote control ... nothing

I have chatted with tatt4 and as suggested I'm posting here.

Rich Racer goal will take "forever" to complete. Please lower the gc requirement drastically! I'm currently at 4% (Legend), 5% (Classic) and 1% (Formula) and "should be" closer to achieving this goal.

We need more 0 PI hlp events!

We're still calibrating the goals for the careers and they will change soon. We already corrected the Rich Racer one.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Rich Racer at the moment is counting only gears earned in hotlap challenge. I don't know if that is intended.

I found something interesting my game was crashing at the 3.2.1. countdown to start a race and I found how to reproduce it.

When you get in the car at the beginning of the race and you have the throttle button pressed the car engine startup then will rev and there you got the game crash.

I use Xbox 360 Gamepad I don't know if it does the same with keyboard but this is how to reproduce this crash.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

I think it's the same thing... I use keyboard.  Usually when I wait for the countdwon and press throttle button at like 2seconds to start it doesn't crash as often. The game still crashes sometime so I'm not sure that I'm 100% right on that. The view might also be another idk (excuse my english:D )


there is a second factor who cause this bug I'm trying to find how to reproduce it.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

Maybe the view?

No I can't find the second reason yet.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

New one. I can't select or buy almost any team car. When i click on a car to select it doesn't give me the buy option. Also the popup with car stats appears displaced and as u can see in the pic numbers are off screen.

EDIT. Still getting game crashes at race starts. Still getting the pop up freezings. Still getting the reverse position at starting grid bug.

ReEDIT. Team cars selection is working now. After 10 races or so, no crashes at race starts. Reverse position seems to be solved too. Great (and fast) job guys, thanks for your work. Birre per tutti!

Still getting the annoying popup freezings


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Download another update. And no benefit from it. As flew before the start, and I take off. Maybe the owners of the game would cost to hire a programmer? When I do not know what to do, ask for help from experts.

Finalmente qualcosa si muove, grazie :) ho potuto loggare con il mio account

As you can see, new fixes are coming daily so just try to be patient. Devs are working hard on the code and that's why they're not so present in here. 


usk esrb_rp

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