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The BETA4 Bug Thread!

Hi guys!

As we're starting a new Beta phase for our beloved Victory, I wanted to clear out the old bug thread (since there were tons of hidden fixes, and there will be new bugs) in order to help the devs! So let me present...

THE BETA4 Bug Thread

Usual rules: report everything that's not working as intended, but of course try to verify first if it's not a temporary situation (i.e. login server is down is NOT a bug).

Have fun!

So, at 20/10:

  • In the market thumbnails are not working - 3d preview is working fine
  • Cannot join servers by double clicking them, and for password protected servers in this case a message stating "Wrong password" is shown, even if the password is correct
  • Selected race number is not rendered in team cars
  • Live events are not showing in the activity bar
  • Some Live Events get pushed again and again even if declined before - only way to make them stop is by turning off the "Push live events" option
  • Big instability on some specs, many crashes in dedicated servers when countdown timer ends before the race start
  • In main menu clicking on the chats leads to some seconds long freezes
  • Some users report wrong grid positioning (in the wrong way) or shared grid position
  • "Regular Driver" career achievement is not working
  • Team Rumble's 70PI car can be purchased even if the career is not finished
  • When spectating, team decals are not rendered; they work fine in car thumbnail and during normal race
  • When entering Hot Lap Party, the current World Record time is also shown as the Personal Best
  • Playing with Formula cars leads to huge performance drops in the game, making it almost unplayable
  • RA reports after a Live Event show sometimes the wrong position for the user



The new version does not work :(
the game does not start

I sent the report

I'm desperate!

I'm waiting for the new version for quite some time, now does not work, I think I will ask for compensation for moral damage :D

Hey Stratos,

where did you sent the report? I don't see any ticket opened.

Let me know, please: thx!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

i ticket automatici, sto provando ad avviare il gioco in diversi modi, ma da sempre lo stesso errore.

ho inviato il file zip anche come ticket, nel caso il metodo automatico non funzionasse.
adesso provo a rimuovere il programma e a fare un nuovo donwload da zero... speriamo :)

Niente da fare :( anche con una nuova installazione del gioco non parte , attendo un aiuto

Sometime game crash on desktop at very begining of the race. hapened 5-6 time in 15-20 races.Happen more often at the players servers.


Thanks guys, please be patient, there's still big bugs on certain configurations, we knew it, we'll receive all your crash / bug reports and deliver updates as soon as possible.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

1)bug a inizio gara, carica la macchina a centro pista e direzione opposta


2) bug nella modalità carriera;

macchina legend gruppo g3 cè la missione completa 5 giri; non conta i giri

edit: a quanto pare, non conta i giri in nessuna categoria

A me i giri li conta, in tutte le categorie. Che team hai controllato?

Premium account missing in game is a biggy :)

click here to close message not going away in races for chats..


had a crash at beginning of race myself


The same race event gets pushed over and over again in the lobby. I was forced to turn the option off otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do anything.

I had that one too. Same hotlap party over and over again. Close one note and a new one pops up under a second.

I also fixed this by turning them off completely.

About Premium Accounts:

Premium Accounts are no longer active in Beta 4.
There's now Boosters that act similar to old Premium bonus. We've given you the same amount of Boosters Days as your old Premium Days.
Also, as a gift to our old Premium Users, we've already sent you an amount of Gears Credits based on the remaining Premium Days you have at the release of Beta 4.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Abount "can't enter server" in the server list: known bug, don't double click a server to enter, just select it and then click on the enter server button. We'll correct this bug asap.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

'8' decal is being clipped by the right hand side of the ridge on Block 14


On another note, great job on the shaders!

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

Is this a new car?

Or have you noticed some changes regarding decals position after patch?

However I'll check this block ASAP :) thanks

Michele Molducci
Design Director
VaeVictis Games

Nope, it was a car from BETA3.


Its the only car where this has occured for me though.

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

Because my game is not coming? I spent all afternoon trying to get in and nothing. time that is about to enter the game suddenly closes. Already formatted the computer and not worked, I tried to get into another computer and also not get. I was in my cousin's house and also is not coming. What's going on? When am I going to play?


Can't buy cars with gold.

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

I think it's intended, or maybe I'm wrong lol

then what use is gold if you can't buy anything with it?

Why Hello There.

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Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

Things in the market (not parts, there's a new market icon in the main menu) can be bought using gold!

Oh :(

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

My game crashes the moment it starts (goes through the updater but once the first splash screen appears it plays the first note of the music, freezes and turns off). It's happened on two different computers as well.

Get a prompt to send a bug report, which I click yes to and it goes away.

Found another one in Hot Lap Party, or at least i think so: the regularity is based on the race one, not on the Hot Lap sensitivity, so I've completed to test more than one REGULAR lap after hitting a barrier and going off road! I didn't play in a while, but from what I remember the regularity was much more strict in Party.

- Races crashing at the start (when the counter comes to 0) - only on dedicated servers for me, events are working good.

I'm having problems to enter the game, i use a single-core pc (Yeah, call me hipster and all you want, i don't care), ATI radeon HD 5400, game runs fine for me.

When i press play and i takes me to the game itself, it crashes...

crashes are happening more and more frequently. Now to the point where I can't complete a lap


I am always waiting for a kind help, the game not start


ps: I am open to any info or other request

my pc config.
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-core (2.30 GHz)
Ram 4 GB ddrII
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT



Hi Guys,

we are collecting issues and preparing a fisrt fix by monday night. We know that beta4 will bring some instabilities at the start, but you all (our loyal and pro users)  can help us to make stable ASAP.

Our internal QA needs you (and your patiente) to refine this "new" victory. I'm sure that, after some days of QA you wiil begin to see the real potential of this new milestone.

Under the hood the improvements and changes are really big.

Send reports, write posts. We are reading all.






Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

wrong type of post sorry

well that concludes my Victory experience than i guess. thanks for couple of years worth of fun, best of luck in future.

It's worth asking whether you have Windows Service Pack 3 installer on your pc or not. Give it a chance even if for others it didn't really work, but who knows.

still got pop up lag too


Users racing with team cars or the default car in Forumla class races don't have any decals rendered on them when you view them while spectating.


Note that the car is rendered correctly in the car sheet.


(click for larger image)


Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
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The public chat causes freezes in the lobby everytime you open it. You might want to give a look at that.

Also the private chat does that.

This one is linked to the 'double clicking to join server', when you make a private server with password. After entering the password and double clicking to join it, you get 'invalid password' pop up, even though it's the correct one.

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

When i enter a hot lap party, the world record time set by someone else, is also my PB...but in reality ( in the HLP) its different. I don't hold the WR time.

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Alright guys, so I'm getting some nasty FPS lag on Rock Island (that I've tested so far) after about 5-6 laps. I start at 60 fps from the start, next lap is roughly 58 fps, and etc etc, and it literally keeps on going down and down until it is too laggy to race. I'm using the Formula 1 cars (the highest one if that isn't the name) on any Rock Island track in Hot Lap. I have a Nvidia GTX 460 if that helps. I know I said before that the game was using one core and that it seemed it was just me, but for some odd reason it still is only using one, even though it is able to use all four cores (Using an Intel i5-2500). Anyways, that's all I've gotten so far from my short times playing Hot Lap. 

Edit: Forgot to say, my GPU is only being used @40% of total use absolute max, nothing is wrong with my hardware that I know of. Roughly using 1/2 of my GPU's RAM.

I've had a couple of wins in a super gp and a hotlap party where I was first as far as the results screen, but the racing authority message showed me placing 2nd or third..and I got the 2nd or 3rd reward...:(



Had a funny bug yesterday.

In QR-Mode I had to share my starting grid position with another driver.

That means that my car was placed on top of another one. So my wheels hang in the air and starting was a bit difficult that way... ;-D

The career progression is a bit difficult if not impossible because of some broken goals (see all the counters for Regular Driver, 5-10-15 Laps).

Also it seems that for some players it was possible to purchase the 70PI car well before completing the career.



only Regular Driver goals seems broken (complete 3 consecutive regular races)

cap..those goals are done in single player hotlap :)


Yep, check my edit ;)

I just did a quick check, also I can currently buy the LEGEND class Elite car, without completing the carrer. If it helps I'm on team Rumble. I'll do a quick check on my sister's account, which has a different team. Other classes' cars are not available, as it should be.

EDIT: Gallara team is fine. I still need information regarding the third team.

I can tell you from my experience that Alkat is ok and it doesn't let you buy the Elite car.

K, I'm gonna do two accounts and check the other team combinations just to be sure!


usk esrb_rp

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