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With all the updates you are doing...

I see a bright future for Victory..


You can sense a "but" coming and yeah there is one, HOWEVER its a request..


This game gives us the opportunity to build multiple cars for the same class of racing and I see that is going to continue which is awesome.


What I would like to see added down the road is the ability to switch cars within the class without having to leave a QR server.  This would allow a car thats more tuned for long tracks like Ark 1 magenta or Fort Fast Blue and allow us to switch to a car thats tuned for short tracks like Rock island without having to try to "remember" set ups...OR..being able to save set ups per track..This would tie in the hotlap challenges because thats your tuning/testing area or even better..IF there was BOTH..I'd be happy with one or the other.  



On a short track..you want a car thats tuned more for acceleration and handling than top speed and handling..My rookie car I have now is tuned for long tracks and I love it on those..but when a short track comes up on the rotation it would be nice to hop in a car that that has that short track tuned PI.


Long tracks a lot of guys have figured out that if you run your PI set for power, grip, and aero that your car will hit its absolute fastest speed that it is capable of which is fine, good, and the way it should be, but on a short track...going power, grip, and weight at max will give you best acceleration..which is what you want on short straights, tight turns..


You see this in real life too, for example..an oval car or indy car thats going to run at indianapolis is set up a very specific way..but on a short road course or short oval its a totally different car with same paint job and they have stripped as much weight as they are allowed to out of it to let the engine work better at slower speeds.  


You can see it in super cars as well..A lotus exige will kick the tail out of a ferrari on a short tight course because a lotus is basically a go cart on steroids..its light, has a really fast acceleration, but not the top speed of a ferrari..put a ferrari on a track like..road america or lemans or nurburghring and it will hand the lotus its lunch and ask for change simply because the ferrari will outdistance the lotus on the straights at top speed. 


This brings me to one of those Hmmm Moments..Historic tracks a  possibility down the road...I'd love to thrash a rookie or semi pro car around the nurburghring..that would be a blast..


I hope this isn't confuzzling for everyone



At the moment I don't have much time to answer completely, but I'll touch the two (imho) main points of your message:

  • Switching cars while in an event: considering just Quick Races I don't agree of it being an "advantage", or "unfair", or else... but regardless of player's feeling I guess there would be some technical difficulties for switching cars while already loaded, or at the end of a race. Also, it's true that your car may be not suited for a certain track, but it's the same for all drivers.. you can use a well-rounded car or a more unbalanced car, which dominates on some tracks but struggles on others! For particular rotations or events you are going to know in advance the track(s) played, so you can adjust accordingly!
  • On setup storing I only agree, and strongly.. it has already been suggested quite a lot of times, and while I know that the devs are now focused more on features and improvements (understandable - I mean, i prefer getting first the teams than this feature!) probably they are considering this suggestion and are going to implement it.. sooner or later!


Still, thanks for the suggestions! And maybe someone is going to answer better than me! ;)

Setup storing will come for sure.

Car switching... we've considered it, there's pros and cons. 

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

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