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What's most important at PI lower than 21?

I'm still nub so I'm looking around for the best setups.

My car has everything in power, mainly because I'm too proud to put any into grip or weight/aero: I have sufficient grip/traction in most cases, or at least it feels that way. I feel like high power is best at low PI, you?

Power is the way in ALL classes, then grip. I like to equal weight and aero in rookie, others like weight.  In semi-pro it's the same for me power 20, grip 20 and 10 each on weight and aero.  Pro however its a little different. 20 power and grip, then 20 aero :D

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Unless you like me and you have a rookie car set up with power, grip, aero, and another with power, grip, weight :)..mainly use the different cars in super gp's..different tracks..different cars

Don't be "too proud" to assign your PP  Its not adding to your car's performance per se as it is giving you up to 100 percent of its capability if at a 60 PI..its when you go above 60 that you are increasing above its norm (aka adding widgets for a race)

Of those options, power and grip are the most important starting off.  If you look a thread or two down at http://victorythegame.com/forum/beginners-forum/pi-tips-and-more-beginners ..its explained in more detail as well as a good starter set up to get you going



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