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Was wondering when DEVs are on support so i could actually talk to one. Insted of waiting for a entire day too reply too one of my posts. i can't wait to play was also wanting to know what the best beginner Setup would be. Thank you for your help :)

Hey again zixzen,

depends mostly on what support you need. One day for an answer is really so much? :p

If you need any technical support or account issue one, you can open a ticket or sent a private message to me. But if you need suggestions about the Setup, the best way is to open a thread here or read the posts already made about it: we have tons of awesome guys, really active on the forum, that will help you out.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

ok..here I will post my rookie class car set up for my short track car

downforce is 4 right of center. if you change the downforce to less, you will gain straight line speed, but have to corner slower

gearing (depends on track)

aero balance 1 left of center. if you change the aero balance you may cause your car to understeer which costs you speed, or oversteer, which again costs you speed..you want that car planted at both ends.  Rookie cars can be tail happy in the corners of you don't treat em right so this set up also depends on when you brake and accelerate.

mechanical balance, all the way right. mechanical balance if you change from that setting you are going to require a lot more steering input to get the car around a corner..I like my steering sensitive..hence the full right setting

springs 4 right but this changes depending on the track..Rock Island tracks I usually reduce that by 1 because of the curbs..same on Fort Fast green. Firmer springs helps with grip and reduces body roll which helps keep the car planted in the corners. 

brake bias, 4 left of center.  Under braking the weight of the car is more on the front tires as the car leans forward so if you leave your brake bias in the center the back tires will lock and you will slide, or worse, spin..you want most of your braking force where the grip is the most under braking..the front tires..this is the same on real world cars although modern race cars have an adjuster knob or switch that the driver can manipulate this to some extent. again..this is more user preference setting. 

Start with that and fine tune to your driving style from there.  If you have questions, find me online in game.  


I hope that helps



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