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Some driving tips for the new drivers

Are you having trouble staying off the walls? Going off track multiple times per race? Can't seem to stop hitting other cars?


Many people who are new to a racing game (particularly one like Victory which has a fairly realistic driving model) will have some of these problems. So I've put together some very useful driving tips to help you out yes


A) When approaching a corner, try to brake a bit early so you are slowed down enough entering the corner. Try not to brake at the very last second, because often times it will be too late. If you wait until you are in the corner to brake, you will likely go right into the wall or spin out.

B) Try to be as clean as possible. Make it one of your most important goals to do whatever it takes to stay on-track and not have collisions with either the barriers or other opponents. Sliding off into the grass can hurt your time about 0.25 to 0.50 sec every second you are in it. Hitting a barrier even lightly will easily scrape 1 to 2 seconds off your time, if not more. So in Victory it is important to learn the tracks well and try to drive the proper racing lines and not get in over your head. DO NOT intentionally ram others. A little rubbing is fine, but intentional wrecking is a no no. The less contact you make with others, the faster your lap times will be. If you start bumping a lot, intentional or not - that will allow the cars in front of you to pull away.

C) Note the importance of car upgrades. Even small upgrades will make noticeable differences in the performance of your vehicle - depending on which attributes you choose to upgrade with parts. So if you have a 10 pp car and somebody with 45pp blows you away, don't feel too bad. Also note that the HANDICAP races make it much easier for new players to compete with more experienced players/more upgraded cars.

D) Try not to change your line frequently when you are in the heat of battle. And if somebody gets along side of you, do not try to block or else you both will likely wreck - costing you the opportunity to gain further positions.

E) Make S-corners as straight as possible. In otherwords - approach the corner on the outside of the track and try to line your car up so that it goes through the S corner as straight as possible, less turning will be required thus less loss-of-speed. Some S corners are too sharp and/or too long for this method to work, but you still should be approaching them from the outside line. 

  • I will be adding to this list as time goes on. Hope it's helps!


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Great tips thanks!


F) When using automatic gearbox, right after you see the green light, switch to manual, shift up into second gear, and switch back to automatic. This will give you somewhat of a speed-boost at the start. 

G) Use the gearbox to break - shift down from 5th (6th) to 2nd or 3rd right before a corner. The car will be very instable, but breaks with 4 wheels.

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

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You should not give any tips for beginners, I like to have advantage.


I raced against few drivers, that couldnt even change the gear.. they drove on 1st gear all the time smiley. Dont know did they know auto is in the game.

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If you are of these retards "aww my gaypad doesnt work with victory, please help", then go back to your shitty console, and try there. Keep away of the PC, fags.

Racing here since 2011.

H) Mess with the Car Setup.

(During hotlap, press Esc and then click the 'Car Setup' -button. It's third button from right)

First thing should be to find suitable mechanical balance for your driving style, under or oversteer. Don't touch anything until you have this somewhat right. Worry about break bias and other things later.

Next you mess with Downforce and Gears. These settings you change to each track. Short tracks need more grip and acceleration, and long tracks need higher top speed.

These two settings alone, downforce and gear, can give you a great advance.

Thanks for the great additions to this thread guys!

Have you folks seen this?


Helped me a lot. Slowly finding the optimal racing line.

great article! 

Antonio Moro
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The whole site is filled with pretty interesting stuff. I recommend.

I tryid the game and it haves very realistic driving the braking is the same in real life if you don't brake befort the turn you will crush like in the game :D

It's worth noting that although following the advice in the first post may feel slow at first, it won't take long before the feeling of speed returns. That smooth driving style when done fast will feel like balancing on the edge of a cliff. And I promise it won't feel dull then. :)

thanks for the tips

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