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Setups for Beginners

Creating a setup for a car isn't that simple.  It takes some many, many laps of practice to get the right setup for each track.  Having a general setup to go by, and then modifying it, is a good way to start, that's what I do.  But enough of the boring stuff.  Let's get to the good stuff.


Downforce - The purpose of downforce is to allow a car to travel faster through a corner by increasing the vertical force on the tires, creating more grip or by decreasing it to have more speed on the straights.

  1. Higher downforce lowers the cars maximum speed and acceleration.
  2. Low downforce raises both.
  • Personal note.  For beginners to the game I would suggest a high Downforce setting to get used to the driving physics.  Once you get used to the way the cars handle,  then you can raise, or lower, the setting to whatever you feel more comfortable.


Gears - The longer the gears are, the more speed you can reach on long straights, the shorter the gears are, the more acceleration you can achieve after you brake.

  1. A gear ratio more towards speed is used for longer tracks.  Mainly Antarktic One.
  2. A gear ratio more towards acceleration is used for shorter tracks.  Mainly Rock Island.
  • Personal note.  When changing the gear setting, it is always best to make it so that you top out in 5th gear on the longest straight on the track.
  • Another note.  When shifting, if your using manual gears, try shifting at a point when the acceleration begins to slow down.  If you are using the V6-Top, or V6T engine, is the Acceleration usually starts slowing down around 6500 RPM's.  If your using the X-top, or XT engine, it's usually around 7000 RPM's.


Aerodynamic Balance - Use this to influence the handling of the car at high speeds.

  1. When set to understeer, the car is less twitchy.
  2. When set to oversteer, the car jerks* more.
  • This is dependant on ur preferance.  For me I tend to set it to understeer a little.  However if you do this you need to balance it with the Mechanical Balance.


Mechanical Balance - Use this to Influence the handling of the car at low and medium speeds.

  1. When set to understeer the wheels do not turn as much.
  2. When set to oversteer the wheels turn more.


Suspensions - You can change the suspensions of your car to be more stiff or soft, depending on your driving style and on the kind of track you will race on.

  1. A softer suspension is better for going over bumps, while not losing much speed.
  2. A harder suspension is better for an even track surface with little bumps.
  • A soft suspension is especially good for tracks with a lot of bumps, specifically the cobble streets of Rock Island.
  • A hard suspension is better for Antarktic One and Fort Fast.
  • Having a soft suspension also helps if you tend to drive on the rumble strips. (the red and white things on the sides of the track)
  • Having too soft a suspension for tracks with banking hairpins, like Antarktic One: Blue, can cause the car to bottom out, thus slowing you down.


Brake Bias - You can change the bias of your brake force to be more strong on the front or rear wheels.

  1. Having your brake bias set to the front will stabalize the car in braking zones and increase understeer at corner entry.  However too much and overall braking efficiency will suffer.
  2. Having you brake bias set to the back will cause the rear of the car to slide under braking if the driver is not going in a straight line.
  • My personal preferance is a little bias towards the rear.  There are some tracks where sliding, very slightly is beneficial to get around a turn.  At least for me.


I hope you all have a little more insight on how the setups work.  Here is my setup for Rock Island: Blue, I've got most of my hotlaps on this track.


Very good. Stick this!


Post Stickied. GJ

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Thanks again. Your work is amazing and very helpful :)

Very good job again, my PB thx you a lot wink

See you  smiley

how do i start this game an get a car going on it



Download and install the client here: http://victorythegame.com/victory/download

Then use the same account you used here to log in the game ;) enjoy!

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Thanks for the post but my ig brother knows all about this shit and he made me the car to give 80% on each tracks 

Does suspension stiffnes influences handling ?  When suspension is soft my car seems wider and lower so it should be better int corners ...

Softer suspension gives better traction of bumpy road surfaces.  For tracks like Rock Island, it's perfect, as it helps keep the tires from spinning coming out of a corner.

but how do i start racing

Good job, it help me with the setup of my car. I though the brake dias setting was for the wheel inside or outside of the virage setup and the aerodynamic has a major effect on the handling  even at low speed. Hard suspension mean more acceleration Soft suspension better in bumpy race track but a balanced setup can do the job.

This game need a preset car setup option so we could work on our preset and quickly change befor each race.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

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