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A question about PP and Pi

1-quoting from the basic concept page:

Performance Index (PI)

The Performance Index, or PI, of a car is the sum of all the attributes of that car. You can increase your PI by buying new items: each item unlocks performance points that can be used to improvev your car attributes.

This mean that for example buying mud guards will get me more PP or increase my cars Pi somehow or is talking about the the widget system that apears before every race where i can buy 1 race items?


and now quoting from the same page but the R&D screen section

Each of your cars will unlock 3 PPs each time your driver levels up.

it means that i can assign my current points in my ugly looking rookie car and when i get a better looking new one it will have PP ready to assign? i just dont want to waste points in an ugly car.

Looks like that page needs to be updated.  Buying items no longer increases your PI.  The second quote about how you get 3 PI points to spend each level is what your looking at.  The mudguards and such are only for making your car look better.


You can spend PI points on your car, and they won't go away, unless you delete the car.  The widgets are little boosts to your cars attributes that last one race, or 3 laps if your doing the Hotlap Party Live Event.  If you buy a widget, it will be added to your cars current PI stat.  For example: if you buy a +5 power widget, and your power is at 20, your power will then be at 25.

Yes, we totally forgot about it. :(

Thx for reporting it Francio!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Alright got it. thanks for the help.

And what about the wonder %? How them work?

I don't play from the last beta and i didn't found anything that explain how the wonder % (or point) work


Edited: Solved

Why cant i delet only one pp like grip or aero ?? Why do i have to delet all pp ?? to change just one or maybe 3 when i reached 60 pp;s i just want to change weight and brakes ??

Ok..since this thread is open..let me interject a lil bit on PP assignment or PI

Think long and hard how you assign your performance points..this directly affects how fast you go on the track.


Power, this one is obvious..max this puppy out to get the max out of your engine

Brakes..nah..brakes work fine without it..just got to find the right braking point

grip..see power..this one is just as important..the more grip you have..the faster you can corner.

traction..umm..this will help at the start of the race..maybe a little in the corners..but really doesn't help your lap times all that much

weight. This affects the car's acceleration..a lighter car, will accelerate faster

aero.  This affects top speed..the better the car can cut through the air..the faster it can go with the power it has


Its these last two you have to really think about.  Me, I have two cars for each class..one "short track" car and one car for the long high speed tracks.

My short track car I want better acceleration but I also want good speed..so my weight and aero are split even

My car for those long, fast tracks..full aero, no weight reduction..I want the max speed I can get out of the car on those.


Example, Arktika 1 blue..very long, fast track..my long track rookie car the gearing is full left..at its highest setting giving the biggest gears and lowest gear ratio. this car will hit 125 mph well before tunnel turn and tach out..usually coming out of the slight curve before the tunnel turn.  Same track with the short track car, same gear setting..it will max at 123 mph and never max out..its a half second slower per lap than my "long track" car because of this..

now..on Rock Island yelllow, my short track car is faster because of the acceleration by almost a full second. 

usk esrb_rp

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