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è possibile scrivere qualcosa sulla propria auto per personalizzarla?

grazie in anticipo

Come di ora l'unico modo di fare così è di portare le forme nel negozio di vernice e cambia poi i loro attributi di misura e le orientazioni, li ha messi poi insieme per creare delle lettere. Porta del tempo ma è un poco efficace in creare di lettere o le parole


as of now the only way to do so is to take the shapes in the paint shop and then change their size attributes and orientations, then put them together to create letters. It takes some time but it is somewhat effective in creating letters or words

LOL at your italian Madcow!  eheheheheh

Antonio Moro
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+1! :p

Alessandra Pollini - QA

yeah I hope that was at least 50% right haha

Would be nice if the online translators did good for other languages than Spanish... the Spanish-to-English ones are decent as long as you use proper English when you type the original dialog before translating.... but for the rest of the languages it seems lacking. 

Ahah , at least we have understand



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