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pc steering wheels

<p>hey everybody, can someone give some scoop on the best steering devise to get? mostly i just use the key board, with ok results but would like something different. i did try the game pad by logitech but did'nt like it. thanks Dan</p>

Hi Dan!

My knowledge is quite limited about steering wheels at the moment, but I know two alternatives quite common on the PC.. the first one is the Logitech G27, which is known for being quite a solid device; the price is quite high, but it's worth it and can be used without any problem with all the hardest driving simulators. The other one is the Driving Force GT, which is quite good given its lower price; it doesn't reach of course the standards of the higher priced models but it's still good to use.

Generally speaking, if you are into the racing games (not only Victory) but never used a steering wheel on the PC, my personal advice is to buy one which doesn't cost much (it depends on your budget of course, the Driving Force GT is an excellent first entry from what I know) and if you like this kind of racing you can change your model with a better one later on. Also, an expensive wheel is NOT worth if you don't pass many many hours playing simulators - for games like Victory or anything else which is not a pure simulator, that expensive devices do not offer advantages over the cheaper ones!

Driving Force GT here. I play many racing games with it. Also Victory.

The wheel it self is excellent, but the pedals are Umm.. Not quite there. I sometimes miss the clutch pedal, but I can manage without perfectly.

IMO a way bigger problem is that the brake pedal is too easy to accidentally floor. Not much resistance there.
I fixed that by shoving a squash-ball under it. (It's a common quick fix. I actually cut the ball in two with a knife to match the stiffness for my foot.)

Now it's much easier to handle. Feels close enough like a Real McCoy now. No more horrible tire destroying lock brakings.



when it comes to wheels, best thing to do, is head to best buy, don't buy it there..but feel em, look at em, check em out.  Logitechs are easy to program and set up, have their own software to set em up with and it will autoload built profiles when you launch the games.

Others, you gotta set em up individually in game.


I've always used logitech controllers, from X45 to X52 and so on, had a G35 racing wheel back in the day as well..the one thing I didn't like about it was the pedals that came with it..they are built for feet the size of a two yr olds, not a size 11 and a half.  I fixed that however by taking the actual pedal setups out their enclosure and custom building an enclosure for them and spacing them out..took some fabrication as they initically shared a common pivot shaft but doable.  Most wheels come with pedals of some kind. Added benefit..if you also fly flght sims..they can do double duty as rudder pedals LOL



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