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NoOb Question (How do I start this game?)



I can't seem to figure out how to start the client. I have downloaded the game. My launcher says "Finished" and thats it. No feature to start the game.



Can someone help me please :)



For some rease the play button doesn't show up sometimes. Try lunch it again and make sure your doing it with admin rights.

I used "Run as Administrator" about 25 times. Came out the same way. I'm using Windows 8.

Hello VintageAion,

could you check if in the Vicotry folder there is the 'Data' folder, please?

And you try to copy all the Victory folder on the desktop and launch the game from there.

Let me know, ty.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Still the same results. I placed Data files on desktop.

Hmm, wait, don't place Data folder only on the desktop, I was just asking if you had that folder and you do. Ok.

Next one is to copy ALL the Victory game folder on the desktop or, anyway on another path, different from the 'original' one, and launch the Victory.exe from it. 

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Yea, still not working. I'll just not play. Thanks for trying.

Uninstall and reinstall?

it's a shame to see them reporting an issue and they don't even give us a chance to reply and find how to fix it they say they leave...

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Vintage, this MMO is still beta, it does have bugs. 

I also run windows 8 and have no issues launching..usually..occasionally it gets stuck and I have to restart and relaunch..it happens..its a beta and this is an open beta test.

Best bet is the uninstall/reinstall dance..once you have installed, don't launch it, reboot.  When you get back to your desktop, right click on the icon, select run as administrator and you should be good to go.


any info on how to launch it now on windows 8 without having this kinda issue all the time?

running victory.exe as "admin" should fix the problem, or atleast it does for me.


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