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New guy, here's what i think!

Hi all :)  Since im new here, iv'e just called in to say hi and give a few opinions. First off, the game is really quite good, no real complaints about the general state of the gameplay and such like. I find everyone to be nice and friendly, helpful and positive (from a noob point)  the game is easy to understand and i was surprised at how quickly it all falls into place:) good one dev's.      I have played a good few racing games, LFS being one (held WR's at some point)  but i must say that i find this game, much better and more, well, FUN!!    As a new guy, my ONLY wish is to have the JOINING AND LEAVING a race lag gone. The stutter really is quite bad, but i guess that will come in time.  Great game so far, keep up the good work!    Thanks  Quill  

Glad you like it. Just enjoy it. Quiet improvements will come already;)

Yeah, i had just hit level 3....oh i love those walls lol

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Welcome mate! :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Well, thanks :) don't think i'm a new guy now though, just reached level 20 PI60  \o/  go me:P                                                                                                                                         

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Thank you for your kind words :)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

hehe..I'mma drag this up just to give Q a hard time..

He still likes the walls :)



in rookie we like the walls in pro we like flying!!! :P

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!



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