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How to steer (and don't start to skid)

Hello community ;)

Could please someone give me some advice of how to steer (especially in sharp turns)? Should I take the turn on the inner or the outer driving surface? How slow should I drive, and when should I start to apply the brakes? Is it useful to configure the car's brakes to be stronger on the front or rear wheels (all cars in Victory are RWD btw)?

Thanks in advance for answers


Hi Simon. 

Have you already had a look at this simple guide? http://goo.gl/GsbWJ

In the same thread they linked this page http://goo.gl/MVWgm that could be very helpful to understand how to take different kind of turns and several tips on general racing lines. 

When it comes to brake bias settings, I always prefer them to be a little bit stronger on the rear (+1). Anyway keep in mind that considering your current level, your car has very poor grip so you have to be cautious on turns.

Thanks capabomba for your answer! The first link is broken ( http://goo.gl/GsbWJ ). Could you please fix it? But the 2nd link was very useful.

Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, McLaren or Morgan?

It should work now (click from my post).


Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, McLaren or Morgan?

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