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Handicap races

How the handicap it is applied ??  Does 1H means 1pi for evry categori taken from the car ?? How to rebalance the handicap ?? How handicap it is applyed ( sometimes i get 1H , sometimes 2H from 1 race ..etc ) ??

Basicly if you win you get 2H and 2nd place gets 1H, 3rd place you don't get any but the ones you may already have stay on.

But if there are less drivers, let's say two, in the race, only winner gets one H.

How to compensate.. I think handicaps add (at least) weight to your car, so you should tune gearbox towards acceleration and grip from downforce. Or buy and use 'wei'-boosts. :)

But I'm just guessing.

Does anyone actually know how handicaps really affect?

Handicap points will influence all the attributes involved in the car's develop.

Hence they will decrease aero, power, weight, .....

The approch keeps the cars balanced and still drivable, also if slower. 

Alessandra Pollini - QA

From what I've noticed

1H - doesn't seem to do anything.

2H - doesn't do much

3H - start to notice differences. mostly in corners. still drivable though 

4H - really noticable. sluggish turning, braking, accellerating.

5H - major penalty.  doesn't turn well, doesn't brake well, doesn't accelerate even when drafting.

Personally, I think it clears the penalty too quickly.  If you're in a 3 player with 5H, then 2nd clears all.

I could double that. It clears off too quicly. One bad race and you get first place in next race for free. :).

and there are few bugs in HC races, but i love the bonus for having the extra weight but it's not enough to balance a 0 pp with a 60 pp car.


1. have a HC in two player race then other person leaves but you still have the HC for next race when same or differant people join.

2. if have HC can exit race before flag and then rejoin with no HC once race started. 

3. if it takes a 5 weight HC on opponit before you can win a race well it's goes back to zero HC for him when you do win, then lose again till he has 5 lol.

+1 I totally agree

To add to this, you could add a timer to the lobby.  Make the driver be absent for a period of time before it resets.  Maybe 30 minutes for all 5 points.  And make the points drop by one per place.  If the driver has 5 points, then if they get second, it will drop by one, bringing the total to 4.  If they get third with 5 points it drops 2, to 3 points, and so on.  If there are only 2 people in the room and the person gets last, putting him in second, then their points still only drop by 1, not 5.  That way they would have to place 6th in a 6 player race to drop all points.



Would make more sense this way.

That's true Jam, but I think it'll be abused that way no matter what you do.  Right now as it stands all that is required is that you lose in a 2 player room, or get third in a 3 player or higher room.

One major issue I have with the handicap races is after winning a race with H3 or H4, some lvl 60 guys with a PI of 60 will simply quit out as soon as the next map comes on, and reload it. They reload just in time to join the start, bye-bye handicap. Sounds to me like an exploit that needs fixing.

Also I agree that it's too easy to lose your handicap even if you stay in the race.

Handicap mode is hugely attractive for me when racing as it means in theory, the racing is kept as fair as possible. It still annoys me when the lvl 60 guys try and join in a normal race with lvl 4 and 5's and just walk all over them hence trying handicap out. I'm sure the bugs will be ironed out and balanced in due course :)

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